ScienceBecomesHer is a website for skincare enthusiasts who like to know the science behind skincare ingredients and how they work. We aim to help the scientifically curious find the right skincare ingredients and products for their skin type.

Why Is Science Becomes Her The Right Place For Scientific Skincare Advice?

Have you ever read an article about skincare ingredients, products, or skincare conditions and wondered where the author got their information from? Sometimes the internet can act as an echo chamber where the same information is repeated over and over again, but where did this information come from?

Skincare facts come from scientific research and, once there is enough scientific consensus on a subject (i.e. multiple research studies have come to the same conclusion), it is then often considered a fact.

At we ensure that any information or facts stated are linked back to academic sources so that you don’t need to take our word for it!

What Are Our Aims?

At, we aim to:

  • Provide skincare advice that is heavily researched and based on science.
  • Use our articles as a way of collating scientific research in one place.
  • Write for those who have an interest in the science of skincare but prefer things explained simply and with less jargon.
  • Help direct our readers to products that may suit their skin needs.
  • Report on new and interesting skincare research.

In case you’re wondering about the name, Science Becomes Her is a play on the phrase (and classic 90’s film) ‘Death Becomes Her’, that refers to someone looking better in death than in life. In this case, Science Becomes Her refers to a person looking better through scientific knowledge – i.e. science looks good on you!

That’s basically what Science Becomes Her aims to achieve; to provide you with the knowledge to make informed and evidence-based decisions about your skincare products and get that little step closer to the soft glowing skin of your dreams!

Can I link to Your Posts and Images?

You are more than welcome to link to any articles that you find interesting on ScienceBecomesHer. However, our material is copyrighted so if you want to quote a substantial portion of an article or copy or adapt an image, please contact us first. We are usually happy to allow this as long as we are appropriately cited as the original source, a linkback is also highly appreciated.

How Can I Contact You?

You can contact us via our contact page or by email at We are also on Instagram – so feel free to slide on into our DMs.


Our Writers

We like to choose writers that have experience working in the skincare industry and an ability to find relevant research on a given topic.


Author Bio PicLaura

Laura is a skincare addict and sunscreen enthusiast with more than 10 years of experience working in healthcare and over 5 years of experience working as a nurse. She has experience in plastic and reconstructive surgery, dermatology, and aesthetics and has received training in various laser treatments. Laura is currently working in healthcare education and writes for ScienceBecomesHer in her spare time.

Working in dermatology and aesthetics inspired Laura’s obsession for all things skincare related. Her love of research and academic writing eventually led her to ScienceBecomesHer where she could combine her skills and interests. Laura also runs our Instagram account and creates our diagrams and graphics.


A few facts about Laura:

Age: 30

Skin Type: Fitzpatrick type I-II, combination/oily and prone to hormonal acne and post-inflammatory erythema.

Favorite Skincare Ingredient: Sunscreen, Niacinamide

Academic Achievements: Nursing BSc, Psychology MSc.


If you would like Laura to write for you, please check out our Content Creation Service.