• Scientific Skincare - Adapalene Gel for Acne Scars
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    Adapalene Gel for Acne Scars

    I have had a number of requests for information on products that may help improve acne scars. Unfortunately, there are very few products that will make a significant difference in the appearance of acne scars. However, recent research suggests that there is one product that may help! Here is everything you need to know about adapalene gel for acne scars.

  • Scientific Skincare - Does Yogurt Cause Acne?
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    Does Yogurt Cause Acne? Acne Diet Myths & Facts.

    Most people experience acne at some point in their lifetime. It is particularly common in puberty, to the point that it could almost be considered a rite of passage into adulthood. However, around 80% of 18-30 year-olds, as well as 5% of those over the age of 30, are affected by acne after their teenage years. So why is acne so common? Do certain foods trigger it? Does yogurt cause acne? What about chocolate? If food causes acne, then what do we need to eat in order to avoid it? Here is everything you need to know about the various acne diet myths and facts.

  • Scientific Skincare - Does Moisturizing Help Acne?
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    Does Moisturizing Help Acne?

    Should you moisturize oily, acne-prone skin? Does moisturizer make acne worse? Or, does moisturizing help acne? The age-old myth that individuals with acne shouldn’t moisturize is a tough one to shake. Contrary to popular belief, regular moisturization is beneficial for all skin types – even oily, acne-prone skin! So, how exactly does moisturizing help acne?