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Facial Fat Loss After Radiofrequency Treatments.

There are many positive reviews of radiofrequency facial treatments. They are considered safe and effective for tightening skin, improving the appearance of wrinkles, and reducing pore size. However, a number of people have reported facial fat loss after radiofrequency treatments leaving them with skin that appears older than before the treatment. For this reason, it is important to understand the risk of side effects from radiofrequency treatments. After all, you don’t want to spend a small fortune on a treatment that may make your skin condition worse!

Now, no anti-aging or cosmetic treatment comes without the risk of side effects. Whether they are common side effects  (e.g. redness and swelling), or rarer side effects, (e.g. facial fat loss), some people will experience them. Therefore, you need to take these risks into consideration before going forward with a treatment.

Radiofrequency treatments are widely advertised as safe ‘non-surgical facelifts’ and promise tighter, younger-looking skin. They are a non-invasive anti-aging treatment marketed towards people who want minimal recovery time. Often, radiofrequency treatments can be performed during a ‘lunch break’, making them more appealing to people with busy lifestyles.

So, why do some people experience facial fat loss after radiofrequency treatments? To answer this question, we first need to know how radiofrequency treatments work.

Facial Fat Loss After Radiofrequency

How is Radiofrequency Used as an Anti-Aging Treatment?

Radiofrequency is often used as a non-ablative skin rejuvenation treatment. Non-ablative treatments improve the appearance of skin by causing a dermal injury response without injuring the epidermis. More specifically, they cause a low-level thermal injury to the dermis and/or blood vessels that encourages a wound repair response and boosts collagen [1][2][3].

In other words, the treatment heats up the lower levels of the skin, causing some minor damage and leading the body to try to ‘heal’ that damage. This process is known as thermolysis which is the term given to the breaking down of a substance by heat.

Although radiofrequency energy has been used for a long time for various medical purposes, its use as a skin-tightening treatment is much more recent [4][5]. Radiofrequency energy has been used successfully to tighten skin on the face and abdomen, as well as other bodily areas [6].

How Does It Work?

Radiofrequency treatments heat the deeper dermis in a controlled manner [7] to between 65°C and 75° without heating the epidermis enough to cause damage [8]. This temperature alters the natural qualities of collagen in the dermis, allowing collagen production and remodeling, as well as immediate skin tightening [8].

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Do Radiofrequency Treatments Tighten Skin?

One radiofrequency treatment that was approved by the FDA to treat eye wrinkles in 2002, and for full-face treatment in 2004, is Thermage [9]. FDA approval was based on a large study that evaluated the ability of the treatment to reduce eye wrinkles in 79 women and 7 men.

In this study, a single Thermage radiofrequency treatment reduced wrinkles in the eye area and provided a lift to the brow area without damaging the epidermis [8][10]. This indicated a heat-induced tightening effect that became more pronounced with time – which is consistent with a thermal wound-healing response [10].

However, it has been argued that the study’s measurement of the brow-lifting effect was subjective and unstandardized [11].

Other studies support the brow-lifting benefits of radiofrequency treatments. For example, in a study of 24 patients treated with Thermage, there was a noticeable brow-lift effect. However, when asked, the majority of the patients did not feel they had any improvement from the treatment [12].

Thermage radiofrequency rejuvenation is often claimed to be a ‘nonsurgical face-lift’ by practitioners who offer the treatment (although the manufacturing company strongly opposes this claim) [11]. These claims are misleading and patients expecting results similar to those from surgery will end up disappointed [11].

Misleading claims aside, non-ablative radiofrequency rejuvenation treatments show promise in their ability to tighten skin and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Although, in order to establish solid evidence for the effectiveness of radiofrequency treatments more research is needed [11].


What are the Risks of Radiofrequency Treatment?

While radiofrequency is widely considered to be a safe and effective skin-tightening treatment [13], some patients may still experience adverse reactions or unwanted side effects. These include second-degree burns, headaches, scarring, swelling, and facial fat loss. Although these adverse reactions are uncommon [9].

Facial Fat Loss After Radiofrequency

Of these, the facial fat loss is possibly the most worrisome. This is because facial fat volume naturally decreases with age and is one of the internal reasons we appear to age [14]. Therefore, it seems counterproductive for a rejuvenating treatment to reduce tissue that provides a more youthful appearance.

In one instance, a 47-year-old man underwent a radiofrequency facial treatment and noticed that the skin on his left temple was left indented two months after his treatment. This led researchers to try, and successfully, replicate this fat loss in pigs [15].

In another case, a 57-year-old woman received a radiofrequency facial treatment to treat mild skin sagging that was particularly focused on her ‘jowl’ area. One month after the treatment, the patient developed facial fat loss with visible skin depressions on her cheeks. It is theorized that this facial fat loss was due to the selective heating of the subcutaneous fat layer by radiofrequency energy. The patient’s skin indentations were treated with pulsed-dye laser (PDL) and skin massage which led to an 80% improvement in the appearance of the facial fat loss after one year [16].

A further case of facial fat loss after radiofrequency was seen in a 56-year-old woman who experienced skin depressions in both temples that developed two months after treatment. This occurred as a result of excessive heating by radiofrequency energy [16].

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How Does Heat Cause Fat Loss?

Fat tissue has a high electrical resistance and may be heated more freely than the dermis. In fact, it is estimated that the temperature of fat can increase at seven times the rate of the dermis when heated through radiofrequency [15][17].

The heat from radiofrequency devices is generated due to Ohm’s law – where the natural resistance of tissue to the movement of electrons within a radiofrequency field creates heat relative to the amount of current and time [11]. Skin structures with higher resistance are more vulnerable to heating and thus to damage/wounding [11][18].

In addition to radiofrequency treatments, other laser treatments that work by thermolysis have demonstrated facial fat loss as an undesired side effect. In fact, often the laser parameters that are used for facial rejuvenation are very close to those used in fat reduction treatments [19]. In some cases, these adverse reactions may be avoided by using lower treatment settings. However, facial fat loss can still occur when the appropriate treatment parameters are used [16].

One group of researchers refers to this process as the active thermal bystander effect (ATBE) and highlights how heat exposure can cause an increase in cell death in the heated target cells as well as non-heated ‘bystander’ cells [20].

It should be noted that there are few documented cases of facial fat loss from radiofrequency and laser treatments in the currently available literature. However, there are a number of support groups online with people who have experienced facial fat loss after radiofrequency or laser treatments. Often, the affected individuals explain how their concerns were dismissed by the practitioners who performed their treatments. This may explain why this side effect is rarely acknowledged or discussed in the medical literature.

In addition, multiple plastic surgeons have reported an increasing number of patients coming to them for procedures to correct facial fat loss from previous laser and radiofrequency treatments.



Correcting Facial Fat Loss After Radiofrequency

One plastic surgeon who has highlighted the increase in patients with facial fat loss caused by radiofrequency and laser is Dr Ricardo L Rodriguez, MD. Due to the risk of facial fat loss, Dr. Rodriguez rarely uses these methods, instead opting for fat grafting – where the stem-cells in fat tissue help regenerate the skin.

He explains on his blog that:

“Anytime you introduce an energy source into the body, whether it be radiofrequency, or laser, or even CoolSculpting – which is specifically designed to injure fat cells – the cells that are damaged release what’s called DAMPs (Damage Associated Molecular Pattern Molecules, aka Danger Associated Mollecular Pattern Molecules) and those DAMPs signal other cells. If the signals are severe enough, or a particular kind, the DAMPs can trigger a process called apoptosis, which is programmed cell death, and that keeps on going for weeks or months after the original injury so that patients that have had laser, or patients that have had radiofrequency, or patients that have had CoolSculpt, will continue to have subcutaneous fat tissue loss as a result of that radiofrequency.”

Ricardo L Rodriguez, MD.

So What’s the Verdict?

To sum up, radiofrequency rejuvenation treatments are a relatively new and promising treatment with multiple studies supporting their use in tightening skin and improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. However, results are variable and often patients do not see the stated benefits. Furthermore, the treatment is not free from side effects or possible adverse reactions.

One particular adverse reaction is facial fat loss after radiofrequency treatment, which can worsen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles due to loss of volume. There is little report of this in the available literature, but many plastic surgeons have reported an increase in patients with facial fat loss after radiofrequency or laser treatments.

It is, perhaps, not the best treatment for older skin that is already lacking facial fat volume. People considering radiofrequency treatment should be aware of this potential side-effect and adjust their expectations accordingly.

Have you experienced facial fat loss after radiofrequency or laser treatment? Tell us about your experience in the comment section below.

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Laura is a skincare addict and sunscreen enthusiast with more than 10 years of experience working in healthcare and over 5 years of experience working as a nurse. She has experience in plastic and reconstructive surgery, dermatology, and aesthetics and has received training in laser treatments. Laura is currently working in healthcare education and writes for ScienceBecomesHer in her spare time. Read More.


  • Stela Brown

    I lost considerable facial fat after Duvet that’s a radiofrequency skin tightening treatment. It has made me look older than what I’m actually. Dnt know how to manage it. It’s depressing after wasting money.

    • SBH

      Hi Stela, I’m so sorry that you experienced that. I have noticed that there are many people who have experienced similar in online forums but this particular side-effect is rarely included in consent forms or discussed in consultations. From what I could see in the research, facial fat loss resolves in time for some people, whereas others have to have other procedures to correct it such as fat grafting, fillers, or laser treatments.

      • Samreen

        I had this RF fAcial rejuvination therapy 2yeaes back and just after my first and only session I experienced facial fat loss that was considerable especially causing hollow under eyes leaving me depressed and psychologically scarred.

        • SBH

          Hi Samreen, I’m so sorry to hear about your experience. Unfortunately, you are not alone. A number of plastic surgeons have reported an increase in clients requesting treatment to reverse the facial fat loss experienced after radiofrequency and other laser treatments that introduce large amounts of heat into the skin. This suggests that it may be a relatively common side-effect, yet it is rarely explained to clients prior to treatment. My aim with this article was to try and inform people of this potential side-effect so that fewer people would experience what you, as well as many others, have. In some cases, the facial fat loss can improve with time, but in other cases, the corrective treatment options involve replacing the facial volume lost with dermal fillers or fat grafting.

        • Lee

          Me too. I have aged about 10 years since I had it about 3 months ago. It was recommended at the medi-spa after they gave me botox that caused eye drooping. They had done my botox many times before with no adverse reaction.s. When i went in about 5 days after the botox to show them the eye drooping they suggested using what they said was an ultrasonic facial treatment to help break down the botox. I felt the heat around my temples and eye area and gradually the volume in those areas decreased. It is horribly depressing. I hate looking in the mirror, people who know me look at me with concern, my boyfriend looks lime he is dating someone 10 years older. I am skeptucal about fat transfer, fillers giving a natural looking restoration of volume.
          I am considering a bleph on my upper eyelids but worried it will be too aggressive and i will look even older. I dont have faith in this industry anymore. I loved my face before and felt youthful and vibrant, and now I want to disappear.

          • linda addison

            I hope you can see my previous reply about what happened to me after having a NeoGen treatment, thinking that I’d simply maintain beauty as I age. All that happened was that I “aged” at least 40 years! Currently, I am recovering from a much needed plastic surgery. If there’s any way I can show you before/after pics from the damaging laser, I will. I seriously “aged” 40 years! ZERO fat in my face…and nothing helped! And it was not my imagination. I wish you well…and can only tell you to not buy into the “you just need volume” excuse. Having your face filled with Juvaderm, Sculptura, Vampire Facelift, all of these require “refills”. See a REAL doctor. Start with a dermatologist. I am recovering from plastic surgery. I’m better, but I was “BETTER” before any laser got near me!

          • Erisha

            I had a same experience too. Have you tried anything that has helped you in any way? I am so much frustrated and depressed.

        • Heidi

          I have aged years after vivace and clear and brilliant. I am doing my best to stay positive even though o barely recognize myself in the mirror. Not to mention I’m out $4k. I don’t want to do filler, as I think can make you look older too, but I am at a loss. Thank you for posting this, as it needs to be addressed honestly,

          • Jenn

            Heidi, that’s very sad. I’m sorry that happened to you. I too have used Vivace. I received hollow under the eyes. I’m starting to worry about the rest of my face after reading the reviews. Did you do a level 4 or level 5? Did you do 4 weeks apart?

        • Pat

          My facial fat loss after profound RF has been horrible ! I too do not recognize myself , at all . Worse decision I have ever made . Please don’t do it !
          If I can help one person by posting this , it is worth it . I look back on my before pictures and want to bawl !
          Have tried filler and after the procedure the filler won’t even stay in my skin . So depressing

          • Sherry

            I have great depressions in my face after years of trying to correct my ugly, acne-scarred face with multiple, multiple multiple series of various lasers. Now it’s worse. I too have used filler, but they do not remain and shortly after, it looks like I need more.

          • linda addison

            Sherry, after 2 years, I had to have plastic surgery. The Dorian Gray changes were just too hideous to live with any longer. I tried to get help thru the spa I went thru and was treated so coldly and with total disregard as a client and a person. Then I got a lawyer.

          • Sherry

            I had signed waivers releasing the practitioners from the practitioner(s), when I had these treatments. I went to a major well-known laser dermatologist in New York City. I would imagine that a lawyer would not be able to get around these releases. I just want this problem fixed and I’m sure that they will take no responsibility. I’ve tried adding fillers, but they get absorbed shortly after.

          • linda addison

            We refi’d our house and paid cash for a good plastics guy. Lawyer may or may not be able to replace a dime, but I will keep making noise. Rf=zero fat. Period. It does NOT come back. I want this info exposed! You and I may be on our own, but knowledge is power, and women need to know what they are entering into. I’m sorry you are going thru this.

        • Leslie

          I experienced terrible scarring and fat loss from a CO2 fractional laser. The plastic surgeon was highly respected for very good reason. Unfortunately, his expertise was in surgery not these newfangled lasers and he turned up the heat too high, burning my skin and facial fat.

      • Liz

        Please please tell me that you have actually seen facial fat grow back on some people, and how long did it usually take? I’m suffering horrible side effects from Ultherapy and I’m only 29. I’ve experienced major facial fat loss leaving my face deflated and asymmetrical, I have indents in my temples and new wrinkles. I was sold this procedure as a “rejuvenating, tightening” almost “facial-like” phenomenon. The practitioner did not tell me it was not FDA approved, nor that it was not meant for use on cheeks and the majority of the face. I’ve also suffered nerve damage and had the onset of Bell’s Palsy. My doctor quickly prescribed me an aggressive dose of steroids to combat the swelling of my nerves and to correct the facial droop that was quickly coming on. I also had damage caused to my right eye, leaving me with blurry vision. After a visit to an ophthalmologist, she told me I had hemorrhaging of my blood vessels. My right arm is now numb as well. The brachial plexus starts in the neck which leads to the arm. This has been an all around nightmare. Please send me a link to where you’ve seen the facial fat loss correct itself. I’m looking for anything that will give me hope.

        • SBH

          Hi Liz,

          I’m so sorry to hear about your experience, I cannot begin to imagine what you have been going through. I have personally not seen facial fat loss in my experience, but I was made aware of the risk. Unfortunately, I am unable to offer much advice as this goes beyond my scope of expertise. I would advise seeing a qualified doctor to discuss your experience and potential treatment options.

          This article describes two cases of facial fat loss from radiofrequency treatments ( However, these cases refer to ‘cutaneous indentations’ which would be a more subtle example of facial fat loss. In one patient the facial fat loss improved by 80% after a year with regular facial massage and two IPL treatments. The other patient was treated with ‘watchful waiting’ aka ‘see what happens’ (no treatment).

          There is a link in the article to a plastic surgeon who discusses treatments for facial fat loss and that may be worth reading too.

          I’m sorry that I cannot be of more assistance, I hope you are able to find some answers soon.

          • Ellen Nelson

            I too have suffered fat loss, distortion, dents, needle marks globally. I actually have the imprint of the hand piece on my skin. I was told I will have to have CO2 laser, which I never wanted to do, plus two surgeries, which I will not discuss here for legal reasons.
            After all of that my plastic surgeon explained there may be fat transfers that may or may not last.
            Needless to say I look in the mirror everyday and see more changes daily. I am five
            Months out post RF microneedling. I will not mention the device here, but I wonder what is I. Store for me one year, two years, grove years
            My skin is disintegrating befor my eyes.

        • Vio

          Hi , I did a facial laser peel last yeah in November 2018, and I notice like 3 months later my checks looked flat. I always had full cheeks. I was so devastated, and I continue looking at my self in the mirror, I don’t look like self anymore. It is now a year since the procedure. I feel like I still loosing fat. Do you know if this is going to continue, or does it stop after some time? I am scared that I am going to be loosing my fat every year. I am 40 years old.

        • linda addison

          I’m am so sorry!!! Get a lawyer NOW! You are within a 2 year time period from t your procedure. You have truly been damaged. Don’t you feel bad for the spa either. You get a good lawyer for your medical bills as well as punitive for pain & suffering! Hoping for the best for you!

          • Wendy

            I’ve had 3 rf eye treatments and so far I’m pleased with the results. The aesthetician uses a thermometer and is very careful not to go above 40degrees C.
            At which temperature do you normally see fat loss?

      • Susan

        ELOS In 2014. After 3 of 6 treatments, facial fat was changing, indents at outer edges of temples and eyes. Over time my left eye I sinking in socket. Cheeks deflated, I look like too balloons are deflated for cheeks. I went because I wanted targeted redness for rosesea but was talked into all face rejuvenation. Worst decision I ever made and of course they deny the damage after I addressed the resulting effects with them. There needs to be a class action suit brought against these companies.

        • Lee

          Yes!!! We all deserve significant compensation for the physical damage and emotional distress we’ve had to endure. Im personally suing the clinic that caused my damage and my lawyer expects a decent settlement. The device manufacturers need be held liable too. I think it is just a matter of time. We need to get the word out there.

        • Eimear

          I suffered significant fat loss around my eyes using the Tria eye laser. I used it just four times, and it’s meant to be used for 8 weeks. I stopped once I noticed the indentations and the crepey skin and lots of new lines. It was about 8 months ago. There has been some improvement, I’d say 40 percent. Hoping for more. The company was not interested and told me skin injury is included and outlined in the booklet!! There only suggestion to me was to go to a qualified derm. I really think these products should not be sold. The company should operate with a ‘first do no harm’ ethos. But they don’t care about anyone.

      • Amelia

        I did rf waves treatment for pigmentation correction which was caused by mild chemical which I done two years ago that left uneven skin tone. but after two moths in to the rf treatment I noticed I lost alot of fat on my face and cheeks, and it caused my pigmentation to get more worse. I look a lot older and my face looks more dull and patchy, I hate looking in the Mirror and I have no confidence. I spoke to the aesthetics but she denied that if was the treatment that caused it which I know it did.

      • Vio

        Hi sorry for m
        Okie late reply , I had laser done nov 218 it’s been a little over. Year now. I am still loosing fat. I notice when it started in March 2019. Now it’s on going I have anxiety I’m depressed I just want to disappear. I hate looking in the mirror but I look at my self all the time

      • Meghann Smith

        I ordered a high frequency machine to use at home. I used it about 4x on my neck area and eye area. Eye swelled and went down within an hour and a few weeks after use I wonder if I have nerve damage in my throat bc I can hardly swallow & am being treated for that. I also noticed today I had some tingling in right shoulder, very unusual as I’m in my 30’s. Has anyone experienced esophagitis or inability to swollow after having high frequency or radio frequency on front of neck? Stupid idea. Please let me know & let me know if it let up for you if so. Thanks. I don’t trust any of these treatments & I will not use a science project to fight a little wrinkling. There are better ways like face yoga, facial massage & organic moisturizers.

      • Rihab Elhaj

        It’s been a year since my first Profound RF treatment, and 6 months since my second treatment. It looks like I’ve recovered up to 50% of my pre-treatment appearance. I had to gain 10lbs to look normal initially, but I’ve lost about 5 lbs in the last 2 months and my face seems to have held-up. I’ve lost it very slowly and only walking 1.5 hrs a day and eating very healthy and no less than 1700 calories a day to preserve my facial fat. I’m feeling hopeful. Praying all of you experience full healing and that not another person ever experiences this.

    • Layla A

      I have also experienced this. I am one month post my first session and it was a horrific experience if im honest. I can see a serious dimple on my cheek which is prominent when i smile. All i got was a sorry and a refund. I am 28 and have a relatively full face so it’s quite obvious, i am hoping it fills out soon enough.

  • Annette

    I am a little over 4 months out after Facetite and fractora, which cost me €5400.
    I have volume and fat loss in both cheeks. This risk was never mentioned before the procedure. If I had known I would never have had it done as I am a runner and had a thin face to start with. At the 3 month check up my surgeon commented on this, but said that it couldn`t come from the facetite as she didn`t use liposuction. I have the next follow up appointment next month and hope that something can be done about this without entailing more costs for me.

    • Ann

      hey Annette, sorry to hear that. how fast after treatment have u experienced fat loss on your cheeks? this is the only place you have been treated btw? how many times have you been treated and for how long? do you know how mild was the setting on the machine?

      • Kay Alexander

        Had rhinoplasty, and revision rhinoplasty 14 yrs ago. Had agressive micropeel and dermapen with 2.0 length needles after 6 mo facial volume deceased with more wrinkles and some scarring, but then my nose starting having pain, a nose graft started showing externally, nose shape has changed, and nose congestion getting worse.
        What has happened and what can I do?
        I need advise on what to do.
        Doctor that did the laser and dermapen doesn’t know what to do.
        Appreciate advice/someone to help.
        Thanks Kay

        • SBH

          Hi Kay, I’m sorry to hear about your experience. Unfortunately, this is beyond the scope of my expertise. It may be worth discussing your situation with the surgeon that performed the rhinoplasty/revision.

          • Lara Arh

            Hi, I’ve bought myself a few instruments from Wish. An ultrasound tighter, an EMS with different lights and I noticed my skin gets better. I’m fifty years old and have problems with constant dehidration, so my skin usually looks tired. After seeing those beneficial changes I have decided to try also radio frequency, so I’ve bought also a handy machine for that. Here’s where my nightmare begun. The I was able to see my skin worsen soon. My skin lost a healthy fat living me with different new scars – wrinkles. I’ve immediately stopped using it, but I ‘m afraid new wrinkles will remain. People should really be aware of this. Thank you for this writing. I would be so happy to read it before rf use.

      • Cindy

        I had one microneedling
        With radiofrequency and experienced facial fat loss in my temples
        And an increase in deep wrinkles on the sides of my forehead
        This was performed by an esthetican
        I made an appointment with the Dr and she said facial fat loss can’t occur after one treatment
        I’m proof that fat loss can indeed occur after one treatment
        And my photos are proof

        Its been one year since I had the microneedling
        My question is will the fat in my temples ever fill in again?
        I also have indents in my cheeks
        This has caused me a great deal of depression
        I hate looking at my face


        Interesting, scary too. I’ve been using a home radio frequency device 2 to 3 days a week for about 3 weeks now. I’m wondering if i should discontinue it after reading this article. I know the heat it puts out is less stronger than at a derm or plastic surgeon’s office. Still makes me feel hesitant. I wonder, this is sucky news. Lol. Aghhg…thank u.

    • Ester

      I also experienced noticeable fat loss 3 weeks after one session of Scarlet S RF treatment.
      I used to have a lovely oval shaped face, and now I have a narrow V shaped face. My cheeks are “deflated” and I have noticed more pronounced indentations on my temples. I did the procedure on my entire face to target acne scars, not sagging skin as I’m only 30.
      Unfortunately I opted for this treatments vs standard microneedling or fractional lasers because it penetrated deeper without down time, but I regret it. I cried after comparing before and after photos as my face shape and look has very noticeably changed and I look older and less attractive.
      I have resorted to upping my food intake and supplementing with organic whey protein in hope to gain weight- and hoping that some of that weight gain will end up in my face. I will check my progress after a months time…..otherwise I’ll have to look into fat grafting or the lpl/massage treatments mentioned here.
      I have advised all my friends to stay away from RF treatments unless they are specifically looking to narrow down their face.

      • Erisha

        I see this is a year old thread but I still wanted to comment. I had Venus Viva (radio frequency) done on my face last year. I was not made aware of any side effects at the time. I happen to do 4 sessions over the period of 5 weeks because she told me it was safe to do so as long as I get the procedure done a week apart.
        I used to be chubby but I immediately started noticing something was off with my face after the fourth session. A month after my 4th session I immediately realized that I was loosing all my facial fat. Every other day I would lose even more. It’s been about 7 mths since my last session and 4 mths since I started using fillers but I still feel like I losing more fat. I am worried because I am only 30 and I have used like 5 fillers (juviderm volume) on my face in past 4 mths. And unfortunately, even after they have said these fillers are going to last over a month, I feel like these fillers are also quickly dissolving away on me. I have 10 cc fillers injected on my chin and it’s been only 3 mths and I could only feel a little bit of it. I have had fillers before I but I had never experienced that before. 1 filler used to last a very long time.
        I want to do fat grafting but I have already spent too much. I feel so depressed right now. I don’t feel healthy anymore. I wish they had this covers under insurance. Or have some kind of diagnosis to see it’s not for a cosmetic purpose. I mean this is a very serious health condition which unfortunately most people my age are not able to relate.

        • Jane

          I have fat and massetter on my jaw. Botox on massetter was great until I was immune to it. I would die for a V shape face. If I buy an RF machine and only use on my jaw area, will it have a saggy look?

    • Kobe Bradley

      I had bbl laser in 2014 I had the fullest face and cheeks at 30 years old still I went in for some pigmentation from the sun on my cheeks. The results after one laser treatment were devastating I lost complete volume everywhere and had puffy under eyes for more than a year. This is the most devastating thing that has ever happened to me

      • Maryam

        Hi Kobe! Im experiencing facial fat loss after morpheus 8 treatment. you said you had puffy eyes for more tha a year? what happened after? did you manage to gain some of that facial fat back?

      • Jackie

        I had rf on my face and am now experiencing facial fat loss in pockets, plus a huge amount of facial wrinkles that are making me look like a 70 year old. I am so angry that this was never discussed or brought to my attention and don’t even know where to begin on fixing it. I’ve got indentations, multiple facials lines, hollowed out orbital areas, like a skeleton, and smoker’s lines and have never smoked day in my life. My provider says I need more treatments to fix!!!

    • Karen

      I had IPL at least 3 times a yr to control rosacea and get rid of age spots. I had my last one Feb. 2020. After which I noticed a hollowness in my right cheek which is creating sagging and lines below the hollowness. My right side of my face looks much older than my left. Very depressing.
      What can I do? My dermatologist tried Radiesse but it disappeared in days.

    • Stephanie

      Hi! I had Facetite on my neck and although it did help with tightening up my jawline and getting rid of fat under my chin it made the skin on my neck loose and wrinkled. They suggested intensive RF treatment Fractora free of charge. Nothing worked and if anything the skin is more wrinkled. I’m sick. I am saving up for a neck lift. Did you get any fat back?

  • TNE0007

    It looks like the fat loss risk is slim, but I wonder if this could be used for those of us with the chubby cheek/face syndrome? My round face has always been pretty pronounced bc I also carry weight in my cheeks and even on the sides of my eyes. This looks like it might actually be good for someone like me…

    • SBH

      You’re right, radiofrequency is often used as a ‘tightening’ treatment for the neck and jaw-line. The ‘tightening’ effect is created by the destruction of fat cells as well as the stimulation of collagen to give a more defined jaw-line and neck. So for someone who is looking to reduce facial fat volume radiofrequency could be a good treatment option. The only thing to consider is where the fat is lost. For example, the fat padding on the cheekbones adds structure to the face, so a reduction in facial fat in this area could lead to sagging cheeks and ‘jowls’.

      • Kobe Bradley

        I had the same experience in 2014 with one treatment of ipl the lady said she would hit it hard to give me the best bang for my buck and I was excited. Little did I know the life changing struggle to come. I lost sooooo much volume in my face it completely deflated it in just 6 months I had such a full beautiful face. I’ve spent thousands of dollars trying to correct this. The nurse and doctor demy everything and are so so rude. It’s been my lifes biggest nightmare. I was only 30 and looked 23.:(

          • Jackie⁹

            All this does is tell us that real plastic surgery is the only way to go about physical change. You are only being scammed out of your money and worse, you have to live with consequences of any of your physical beauty that you did have to be diminished significantly. I almost canceled my appointment out of the feeling that I was okay with myself for the first time in a long time but then let my desire for perfection(which can only be achieved by God I learned) lead me into a painful lesson of humbleness with regards to my vanity.


    Hello. I am from Brazil and I am 25 years old. I had 2 radiofrequency sessions and they were realized by estheticians not by dermatologists. First thing I realized was that my face lines changed a little bit. But later I realized that I lost some fat of my face too. Nothing too dramatic but noticeable. I am so worried. My jaw lines are more straight and my face is now more like a V shaped form. My cheeks are smaller. Maybe I look 2 years older right now. My second session was about 1 month a go. I hope I can regain the fat of my face. But if the situation worsens, I just want to learn what are the procedures that are possible to be made to regain face fat. If is there any esthetic procedure or non invasive method. Thank you.

    • SBH

      The procedures for facial fat loss usually involve replacing the lost volume with either fillers or fat grafting. However, it usually takes around 3 months to see an increase in collagen from laser and radiofrequency treatments so the situation may correct itself with time. In addition, some case studies have observed facial fat loss resolving on its own within a year.

      • Violeta

        Hi! I am sorry for what happened to you. It happened to me too just as you describe it. And after that I lost more weight with intermittent fasting and now my body is nice and slim and my face is hollow so I am thinking of increasing calories and fatty foods and carbs and increasing workouts to keep my body toned and gain some weight on my face. Did you have any success with the higher calorie intake? I really hope to get my cheeks and forehead volume back naturally as I don’t want fillers.

        • Rihab

          The weight gain made my face look better, but now I have to figure out how to lose it in my body only 🙂 ooooh but I’d rather deal with being 10lbs overweight. I suggest you try dietary collagen before gaining weight. It nicely plumps the face, but you’ll deal with some water weight gain. At least the water weight spreads evenly while fat gain tends to target the belly and hips after a certain age. Good luck! This has forced me to be a little less vain, at least 🙂 something to be grateful for 🤣

      • Lydia

        Hi everyone,

        I had tear trough fat loss 3 months ago due to using a RF home device. Since then, I received fillers to correct the problem and it worked wonders. I was so happy until a PRP treatment destroyed it last week. For some reason, my filler disappeared after that. I Googled but couldn’t find any cases like mine. I’m just here to warn you not to do prp injections directly over fillers. (My prp was done almost 3 months after the filler). I had a good injector but she moved interstate. Now i feel I have to do it all over again. It’s depressing and scary.
        I hope my lesson will help someone out there in a way. We just can’t afford to have more problems on our faces.

        • linda addison

          Lydia, I had prp with hyaluronic acid used in a supposed Vampire facelift, also Juvaderm and some botox (which is always short acting) tmT Vampire lift (what a sick joke( was supposed to last 2+years. Right! Like the NeoGen 5-8 years! Within 35 months, those fillers arrested m started rolling around my “no fat damaged” face, until I looked like Frankenstein’s monster! Within a few months, it was all over and all I was left with was a 100 year old wrinkled up old face. Buyer beware!

  • Beauty 2

    Also I would like to know if I gain body weight, can I recover the facial fat too? Thank you, wish you all the best and I am going to pray for us. May God bless you all.

  • Kim

    I used an at-home microcurrent facial toning device called the NuFace mini with 325 microamps only, that is supposed to be “gentle”, for 5 days at 20 min. per day, as advised, and have since lost considerable volume in my face around my lower cheeks, mouth and under my eyes. I also have an indentation in my left cheek. It has been 1 month since I stopped using it. I experienced pain too. This is so depressing. I am a self-employed professional singer, and I perform for a living. I also survuve as an artist without much money to burn. Can you please tell me about this massage? How many cases have people had 80% of the fat come back? This is so depressing.

  • Anonymous

    I would like to know how it is physically possible for fat to potentially ‘come back’ after these treatments have dissolved it. If the fat is gone, it is gone. Without getting facial fat grafting or gaining alot of weight and hoping some goes to those parts of the face, how would the body just “resolve” this as they say can occasionally occur?
    have also lost all volume where they performed RF.
    Thanks- I pray that all of you who have experienced this find things that help.

    • Rihab Elhaj

      Girl, if you’ve been on a diet, or had liposuction you know that fat is the most aggressive substance on the planet :D. It defies the laws of space and time, and always manages to grown back! 😀 This is more so when the fat-loss was through artificial means, and not gradual (natural).

      • Lee

        I agree I think it is unlikely that the fat will return once the fat cells have been dissolved. It’s not impossible -our bodies do what they think is important to do so fingers crossed fir all of us that our bodies decide there should be fat where we have lost it. 🤞🏼

  • Mary

    I have read through the many comments above. I have also suffered terrible fat loss in my face with Cutera Secret RF. I am absolutely convinced this occurred due to my practitioner and NOT Cutera. She was very very aggressive on my very thin aging face.

    My question is – Are there any legal responsibilities for Med Spas? Has anyone tried to make these locations/doctors/practitioners legally responsible if these side effects are not on the forms that we sign prior to procedure ?

    • Ellen Nelson

      I had the RF microneedling done and it as destroyed the skin on my forehead and nose. I look like I am 80 years old. I am presently consulting with legal counsel. It started out as indentations in the shape of the Cutera handpiece and it has progressed. It is crepey. huge pore looking and every day I see a change in it. I am so upset. I an in the esthetics business and my reputation rests on what I look like when clients come in to see me.

      • Damaged by RF Microneedling

        I too have damaged skin from RF Microneedling. The girl was extremely aggressive and did something she called “vectoring”. Basically left huge holes and small slices in my skin immediately. 1 month later I had divots in my cheeks and bad jowels. I do have before and after pictures. I used to get compliments how young I look but now I look 10 years older and it’s hard to look in the mirror. I would love to connect with anyone that knows how to fix it or legal action.

        • Nereida

          There is a product called Renuva which is NOT a filler, but is injected and causes your body to deposit it’s own fat cells wherever it was injected. The injected sites are supposed to create a matrix where fat deposits, similar to Sculptra, but increasing fat instead of collagen. It is used to treat indentations. The fat is supposed to last 10 years and finished results after 3 months.

    • Ellen Nelson

      I had the RF microneedling done and it as destroyed the skin on my forehead and nose. I look like I am 80 years old. I am presently consulting with legal counsel.
      Mary, contact me. I had the Cutera RF microneedling also.

  • DMC

    I used a home ultrasonic radio frequency device for my upper lip, and on sides of my mouth for a couple of wrinkles thinking that I’d build collagen in those areas. I also used it on my neck. I noted more wrinkling of both my upper and lower lip area making me look older. The skin sags now under my chin. The fat I had there was minimal but it used to keep the skin taut. I am 59 and I people would say I looked to be in my early 40s and cute. Now my mouth makes me look my age …or older. There were no warnings for this on in the packaging or anywhere in the marketing of the produce.

  • Erisha

    I see this is a year old thread but I still wanted to comment. I had Venus Viva (radio frequency) done on my face last year. I was not made aware of any side effects at the time. I happen to do 4 sessions over the period of 5 weeks because she told me it was safe to do so as long as I get the procedure done a week apart.
    I used to be chubby but I immediately started noticing something was off with my face after the fourth session. A month after my 4th session I immediately realized that I was loosing all my facial fat. Every other day I would lose even more. It’s been about 7 mths since my last session and 4 mths since I started using fillers but I still feel like I losing more fat. I am worried because I am only 30 and I have used like 5 fillers (juviderm volume) on my face in past 4 mths. And unfortunately, even after they have said these fillers are going to last over a year, I feel like these fillers are also quickly dissolving away on me. I have 10 cc fillers injected on my chin and it’s been only 3 mths and I could only feel a little bit of it. I have had fillers before I but I had never experienced that before. 1 filler used to last a very long time.
    I want to do fat grafting but I have already spent too much. I feel so depressed right now. I don’t feel healthy anymore. I wish they had this covers under insurance. Or have some kind of diagnosis to see it’s not for a cosmetic purpose. I mean this is a very serious health condition which unfortunately most people my age are not able to relate.

  • jan

    So is it just anything that heats the skin causes volume loss? what about microcurrents, peels, dermarolling? volume loss and long term effects of treatments are rarely mentioned and it’s hard to do research when people can get free services for good reviews on youtube and other social media.

    I wonder about “regaining” the fat back, if it could be like liposuction where once those fat cells are removed it’s harder to regain in those areas which wouldn’t be good with the face.

    • Laura

      Hi Jan, there is very little research about facial fat loss/volume loss and what limited research there is discusses the fact that there is a chance that putting heat into the skin may inadvertently heat fat cells and cause them to break-down. Treatments without heat should not have the same effect. Microneedling and chemical peels do not penetrate deep enough to affect the subcutaneous fat.

      I just want to stress that this is a very rare side effect that is unlikely to happen to most people, it’s just a small possibility that people should be aware of before going through with some laser treatments – especially readiofrequency.

      • Lee

        Having the youthful, beautiful fat in yout face after an RF treatment lr therapy is NOT as rare as they want you to think it is. There are class action suits over this that I have joined. I pray that they these manufacturers and clinics learn their lesson and make sure people are fully aware of this serious risk and dont minimize it to maximize their profits. Lives are being ruined.

        • Lee

          It is a devastating thing to experience. It has been 14 months for me and I dont recognize the woman in photos as me. I believe it has also caused a chain reaction to other parts of my body which a plastic surgeon says can happen. Even my hands are wrinkled. Please keep taking lots of “after” photos and bring those along with “before” ones to a lawyer. We need more cases out there so that these offices and practitioners recognize the risk and responsibly warn people that it can happen, or so they can learn to use these devices properly if this is the source of the problem.
          Get a lawyer to send them a letter asap. These people are reckless and shameless and lack empathy if they are deliberately ignoring the damage they have caused.
          I pray for all of us that somehow our bodies decide to restore the fat and it happens. If not, life goes on anyway. Listening to Eckhart Tolle has helped me. Everything else in my life is great, so if I avoid photos and the mirror, I feel ok.
          It is still a challenge that Im always working on though.
          My case is on hold because of the lockdown but I’m hoping to eventually get some compensation and recognition of what this woman did to me. I hope you can do the same.
          Try to remember that we are not what we look like. We are so much more than this.

          • Carrie

            I, too, have tried to file a lawsuit due to fat loss from a radio frequency laser. However, the lawyers need a plastic surgeon or dermatologist to write a letter stating that lasers can cause fat loss, and stating that they can concur I have had fat loss from the laser. I have literally spent THOUSANDS of dollars on consults with derms and plastic surgeons, and once I ask them for a letter they get really nervous and start to back pedal. They will admit that lasers can cause fat loss and that I it happened to me based on my before and after pics, but as soon as I ask them to put it in a face to face visit note, they immediately start going back on what they say and then will refuse to write a letter. Anyone in the cosmetic beauty industry are ALL crooked, and they will not help you because they use the same treatments that they know can damage someone for life and are afraid that if they put it in writing, that someone who they end up damaging can possibly have proof that they have admitted to lasers causing fat loss. If you know of any doctor that is willing to write a note for legal purposes stating lasers can cause fat loss, and if they are willing to evaluate me to determine that I have had fat loss, please let me know and I will be forever great full.

          • Anna

            Hi Lee,
            I am curious to know about the chain reaction you mentioned. I had RF microneedling (Agnes RF) in my lower jowls, but notice my cheek looks flatter much higher up where I was not treated. Have you heard of RF affecting untreated areas?

          • Jackie

            I heard from plastic surgeons that rf causes programmed fat cell death that keeps happening up to 6 months so adjacent fat cells would be affected as well. I wish my future self could warn my past self, but I really want to be optimistic and think everything happens for a reason even if we can’t understand why.

          • Nereida

            Dr. Rodriquez mentions a Dr. Brian Kinney in Los Angeles. I visited his website. He actually worked on the research for Renuva. More interesting is that EVERY Rf treatment they offer lists fat loss as a benefit of their treatment. If you need “evidence” that fat loss is caused by RF treatment, you might contact him.

      • Nicolas

        Can the fat loss damage occur after using an Eternalclear wand? My niece has bought one and used it once for five minutes yesterday. There has been no apparent damage to her face as yet but she did collapse shortly after using it and will not be using it again, and she is worried that damage might be happening.

    • Helen

      Thank you so much for this article. I also am a victim of this awful procedure. I was suicidal and felt I had no other option. I fought hard with the mirror everyday and it has made me a stronger person even though it is so hard even till this day ( 3 years later). I have had 6 sessions of skin boosters and 6 sessions of PrP along with fillers. I have increased supplements and nutrition on a daily basis. There are option out there to rectify this, lesson learnt I will never let another laser near me! Ever!

      • TaSha

        I got Cutera Titan infrared treatment 1 year ago . ( neck,cheekbones) 3 weeks later after first treatment the changes were nice. I was told that it will last 6 months and for better results I need to complete the sessions. So I added 2 more. I didn’t know that the actual results may be just start showing after 6 month… By that time my slimmer face looked good, then I saw rapid change.. more fat loss on my cheeks . My eyes become hollow and looks like I’m still loosing face fat . It’s scary and devastating. Is the face fat loss will stop or it may continue till complete face atrophy?

    • Nicole

      I am scheduled ro Morephus8 and I have heard the needles can be adjusted and my doctor sadi he would only go to the deepest setting on neck /jowls because there I wouldn’t mond lossing fat to get the V shape of my face back . Does that make sense to you that needles can be adjusted . Also I have havent heard many complaints Morephus 8 , have you ?

      • Basimah Muhammad

        I wish I saw this website before I literally just got and RF machine in the mail and used it on my face and neck. I only did 5 mins at a very low heat level maybe a 3 out of 6. I’m just praying now that I won’t lose the fat in my face. I’m 41 and people think I’m 25 ALL THE TIME and I would be devastated if I ruined my face and my supple cheekbones.

        How long was the treatment people have in order to get the horrific results posted from everyone?

        • Claire

          I am in the same position. I received one of these in the mail as a home treatment. I did five mins on lowest setting now I’m terrified I’ll be damaged for life … I’ve only just done the treatment ….. are people having adverse fat loss with the home treatments as well as the ones in salons ?
          Any info appreciated.

    • Brie

      Hi, I used the Tripollar Stop device about 6 to 8 times about 20 min each time. I feel i did lose some facial volume. I don’t really know…it could just be the aging process (?) How many at home sessions did u do? I just wonder how strong rf home devices are and if they are capable of penatrating deeply into the skim to dissolve fat cells. I won’t even put it on my face anymore. I use it 2 times a week on my neck. The compamy won’t take it back. It was expensive. Reading all of these stories is absolutely terrible. I hope these issues can be resolved. I tjink fat grafting would be best for these issues. Filler is so expensive and temporary.

  • Anonymous

    I have had ematrix laser facials, and the practitioner got too close to the orbital bones, and into the areas right up near the inside corners of my eyes. I have lost fat, my eyes look dark and sunken in, my eye shape has changed, my eyesdon’t “smile” like they used to, my muscles feel like they’re not able to close my eyes, and now I feel constant dry eyes. Does the fat come back? Will my dry eye go away? Not happy.

    • Anonymous

      I had similar experience with RF . Face fat loss . My eyes change their shape . They became more round like puppy eyes.. But after about 10 month after last RF treatment my eyes got the original almond shape back . I wish my cheeks fat gets back .

  • Jac

    Hi All, just came across this site. I was going to have RF this coming Monday and I’ve now cancelled my appointment.
    I had ultherapy two years ago and experienced facial fat loss in the lower portion of my face. It ruined my skin and make it lax instead of tightening it. I experienced asymmetry and had a nervous breakdown over the fact that the real results were said to come over months.Lucky, I did not have it on my cheeks or forehead.
    Two years on, the fat loss has resolved and I look more like my old self. Finally, people are starting to say I look well. Which is a relief. Can’t believe I was potentially going down the same pathway with RF. I didn’t realise it heated up the inner layers of the dermis. This is exactly what the ultherapy did and I experienced the fat loss and laxity.

    • Maggie

      Jac: can you say more about the crystal roller? I’m another person who had fat loss due to RF. I didn’t even go to this woman for RF but IPL , but she used a machine that had an RF head and used it on me without my consent. Anyway 8 years out, I’ve had the eye hollows and quality of my skin changed but I’ve done my best with peels etc.. The worst part for me was the eye hollows but now if I can help overall quality of my skin with massage I would love that. It is hard to accept when you realize you’ve done this damage to yourself essentially and if you had beautiful skin to begin with…. oh well I’ve learned to move on. Thank you to everyone who’s shared their stories! In 2012 when this happened to me I couldn’t find anyone who could relate to me about it!** Oh and the reason I came today: I was doing microcurrent with the Clareblend and noticing strange changes! Turns out that also causes fat loss!! Agh! I loved the color and life it gave my skin! Too good to be true I guess.

    • Emma Clark

      I cannot tell you how comforting it is to come across this thread after over a year of feeling so alone. I had an ipixel laser resurfacing treatment last February where they completely burnt my face and I’ve had horrendous ongoing fat loss ever since. I’ve spent thousands on correcting the damage, including fillers and a fat transfer operation, but the fat still continues to go so the results are permanent. I’ll have to have a second fat transfer op in the future. It’s terrifying and like most of you I have suffered so badly with my mental health. My finances are also in pieces. I’m so sorry for all of you who have experienced this too. Is anyone else’s fat loss still continuing? And for those who’s has stopped, at what point did that happen? 15 months and counting for me. Praying it will stop soon! X

    • Darlene Sharp

      its great to know your fat came back on your face after 2 years. Had you put weight on during that time do you think for it to have come back or it just did for no reason? Thanks

  • Anonymous

    Wow- The first person Ive heard say that some of the fat came back to the face after one of these treatments dissolved it.. Im not sure if/how this is physiologically possible.
    You have given some of us some hope though.

  • Jac

    Hi All,
    I’m glad my story can provide hope. I still have mental scars from the experience and reading these posts has spiked my anxiety. For me, understanding that the effects Of Ultherapy revealed themselves over time when I could see changes only days Later (and not for the better) freaked me out and I was unable to leave the house without thinking everybody was looking at me. I started counselling last year and I have good days and bad days. The mental and physical effects are long lasting. And I only had one treatment (that I went ahead and did despite my inner voice screaming at me not to proceed.)
    The thing is, everyone needs to make money to live since we live under a capitalist structure. So, From the minute we wake up until the minute we go to bed, we are bombarded with advertisements that promise to make us look more beautiful with the handing over of money for a product, device or treatment. They are selling hope and we buy because we want to look our best. I feel preyed on to be honest.
    Now I do my due diligence and I must be learning my lesson because I found this site and cancelled my RF appointment. I was potentially going to do the same thing to myself again.
    I have worked hard to regain my face. Daily massage with a crystal facial roller roller has been a blessing. Also vitamin c and b serums have done wonders. As well, good quality high fat foods, like nuts if you can eat them. And exercise like walking and light weights plus meditation.
    Good luck to everyone I will pray for you all.

  • Deb

    I like everyone else lost considerable fat near my temples and all over my face from Pelleve RF. I’m not sure why some people experience this and others breeze right through it. The practitioner didn’t warn me and as a matter of fact said to me “this won’t hurt you in any way” . It’s been 8 years since I had this procedure. fillers don’t really work much, I have an appointment for fat grafting consult. but I’m nervous about that too. When you are just trying to stay ahead of the aging game and think the treatment is so minimal and it really isn’t. Its very depressing.

    • Anonymous

      I read a lot of the doctors opinion about fat grafting.. some of them say that fat grafting is not predictable. No one knows how the body will react. The worst part is if something goes wrong ( too much fat injection or migration of fat . Etc . Then it will be not possible to fix it .

  • Charlie

    64 year old lady not liking the aging face looking back from the mirror did lots of research and purchased a RF LED device from China. Started on the lowest setting but didn’t notice any change. Waited for the alternate day and tried again. Overnight I felt the beginnings of a headache and sore glands in my throat. When I looked the the mirror my jowls had doubled in size and there was a hollow on both sides of the jaw. Horrified that I look older. Luckily my hair is shoulder length so covered the puffy lumps and nobody said anything but people don’t look at 64 year olds anyway. I have madly self massaged and reduced the size of the jowls but still have the hollows. Hoping time will fix or it may be too late BUT please don’t try anything unnatural and be happy with yourself. Fancy learning this at my age!!

    • Luke

      I had the same experience with a home RF machine , RF or any machines which warm up middle skin layers e.g. LED can dehydrate your skin immensely leading to dehydrated skin which can cause facial fat loss.

      The results would be your skin looks thin and weak especially when you wash your face . You lose the contours on your face which includes your eye shape and the ‘v’ shape which defines your cheeks.

      The worst part?… if you don’t act quickly , it could be permanent.

      The good news? It can be fixed with the help of ceramides , hyaluronic acid and niacinamide. Cerave is your best friend here and olay regenerist serum.
      I initially mosturised my face with cerave mosturising lotion or face lotion 6 times a day as well as layering on olay regenerist.

      Your skin is thirsty , it will for the first week or two need moisturised consistently. SPF IS A MUST as you your moisture barrier is affected. Eventually you will get to a stage (maybe at the end of the month) where cerave can be used once or twice day.

      I did this and my face has returned , botox and fillers are NOT the fix! Your skin will not be able to hold onto them just like it won’t hold onto skincare products until you have fixed your moisture barrier.

      I do apologise for what everyone is going through but it can be fixed. Remember Ceramides , Hyaluronic acid and niacinamide. All THREE is required.

      • Luke

        To add to my comment , using a facial oil can immensely help your moisture barrier. It is the richest form of moisture your skin can benefit from. I am using Dermalogica Phyto Replenish Oil which has tamula and camila oils which are know to regenerate skin.

        • Celia

          Hi Luke! Thank you so much for you advice.
          Im not sure if it works but at least I know what to put on my face now.

          Would you suggest to have paper mask everyday?
          cos my skin is still thirsty even it has been 2 months after my last home rf treatment wz tripollar stop x, which made my forehead immediately shrink after the treatment, and it still continuously causes my facial fat lost n dry eyes.

          Looking forward to your reply. Thanks!

  • Lee

    YES! I believe there are already some class action lawsuits underway. Im presently suing the clinic that did it to me without an warnings or risks explained. We need to do something, not only to be compensated at least a little for the mental anguish and permanent change to our appearance, but also for punitive damages and to get the word out so more devastation can be prevented!

  • Anonymous

    I had Morpheus8 4 weeks ago. Significant fat loss became apparent at about the 8 day mark. Since then each day brings new dents in my face. I now have more wrinkles and skin sag than before the treatment. I went to see my doctor who tried to say that he saw no difference. He then took after pictures and I asked to compare the before and after. My face clearly looked worse than before the treatment! He said it was due to different lighting! Why can’t these doctors admit these treatments are dangerous?! I am upset and not sure what to do.

    • Jane

      I’m so sorry that you went through this. My doctor recommended Morpheus8 to me. I WILL NOT be doing it. If they were to admit they were wrong about the product, they’d lose too much money. In a capitalist society, people are only concerned with money. They just want to sell sell sell. When the end goal is money, people aren’t concerned with who they hurt to get it. If the doctor admitted he harmed you, he’d have to stop using Morpheus and then admit to possibly who knows how many other people that it was the machine that harmed them. Imagine how many lawsuits he’s essentially consenting to if he did this? It’s HORRIBLE that you went through this. And things like the Morpheus should be taken off the market. They don’t warn you about this beforehand.

  • Yanis

    I also noticed a loss of volume after having made a radio frequency session venus viva on my face, how can I treat this? if i get fat will my face be back like before?

    • Anonymous

      I read a lot of the doctors opinion about fat grafting.. some of them say that fat grafting is not predictable. No one knows how the body will react. The worst part is if something goes wrong ( too much fat injection or migration of fat . Etc . Then it will be not possible to fix it .

    • Lee

      Linda, I agree with you completely. I have a lawsuit in the works against the spa that did it to me and the physicians that own it. Yes i would like some compensation but more importantly i want them to take this seriously and prevent it from happening to others.
      Im so glad your surgeries brought you close to who you were before. Maybe i will try that when i can afford it. Best wishes.

      • linda addison

        Lee, I hope for you the best. I was SO miserable, my husband finally realized the inner pain I was suffering, and we refi’d our house for the money for surgery. (We also got a great interest rate, so BONUS there!) I still hope to get that money back thru my lawyer. I told him, at the end of the day, I just would like everyone to know the dangers of RF. The particular spa I used treated me so badly, that I want THEM to know that what they’ve done is wrong! And if we happen to get any money, well, another bonus. We can eat steak!

  • Katrin Toney


    I had a series of 3 sessions of Secret RF microneedling, hoping to improve some MILD loss of elasticity and fine to moderate wrinkles. I was 50 at the time (last December through February.) It is now three months post the last procedure and my skin is so loose it leaves me crying and in utter despair. My wrinkles are worse, especially above my lip. My cheeks have much less volume and a small depression in my cheek is now a crater. When I look down, my WHOLE FACE just falls forward, as does my neck. I have aged 10 years easily. This is a horrible, unfathomable nightmare, and I don’t know what to do. I dont think there is anything to do. My facial fat has just disappeared. Fillers would be costly for sure, but their temporary nature makes it unrealistic for me to consider repeating THIS level/amount of fillers that would be needed, every few months to a year or so. This treatment MELTED MY FACE. Period. Regardless of how well this works for most, when others, like me, are left permanently disfigured, it seems to me that the treatment should be outlawed.

  • lou

    Hi ladies,

    I ve also done an Hifu treatment last December and since that I am experiencing a lot of facial fat loss, but the worst part is under my eyes.It left me with sunken eyes and it also changed my eyes shape.I used to always have compliments about my eyes and my look.I feel really depressed, it gave me a strange reaction as well.My eyes became extremely dry and I have to use eye drops daily.It probably gave me a nerve damage.This is a total nightmare. And even after 6 months, I still have tingling sensation on my jaw like if the skin is still working underneath.
    I went few days ago for under eyes fillers treatment which gave me a part of my initial look but I am terrified that the fillers will resolve within few weeks.I ve read that PRP can also help, I am considering doing it.Maybe once a month.
    Do you ladies have any tips?did someone managed to get their look back.Is the fat going to stop dissolving soon?It s been 6 months and I still feel that this is not the end.This is really sad and frustrating to know that a 30 min treatment has ruined my face forever.I hope everything will go back to normal soon.

    • Orla Hayes

      Dear Lou
      I am so sorry this happened .it is devastating .I have had my fair share of messing my face up .ultherapy ,1 laser of fraxel.2 years back caused huge decrease of fat in my face and major face inflammation of burning which lasted 2 months after the procedure. I am now 36.Time did improve it.
      I will never do any type of laser again. If you feel the tingly feeling it’s still working yes .
      What really helped me was .time ,drinking 2 litres water every day with lemon.
      Stop using anything abrasive on your face for a few months until it has all settled.
      Start doing gentle face massage to bring in the oxygen to your face use a roller and also massaging your face with a face oil .
      Very mild Tca 12.5 percent 3 layers 3 min each has helped hugely .Do not do these often.only do them 4 months apart give the skin time to heal fully.
      It tightened up my skin alot .
      Eating clean ,supplements like a multivitamin .
      Herbal teas .
      Prayer .
      This is what improved my skin.
      I hope it can help you.

      • linda addison

        I am so sorry! I was thinking the same thing…at 65, I looked GREAT! So let’s maintain! Within one year, I went from “looking” 45, to looking a serious 100 years old. I had to have plastic surgery. My surgeon said he’d never seen such a bad case of ZERO fat loss before! If there’s any way to show you before and after pictures, I WILL! I had NeoGen, and I’m positive the laser loon just just used the wrong energy for my skin type. Plus, at my age, there was no time to “recover” using ANY modality.

  • Miriam M.

    I had a laser skin tightening treatment 2 weeks ago here in Miami, thinking that it would be a sure-fire easy approach for my slightly sagging jowls. I am 58 years old at the moment. After this procedure i had the cheek area facial loss, various dents etc, and now have saggy and darkish underage circles when I was always so proud of the way my eye area was holding up. Also I had a prominent and full high cheeks which also kept me looking much younger. My tech never explained to me the possible complications. I am desperately seeking a solution while my face is still feeling burnt on the inside. I have faith that I will be able to effectively find a remedy to this now new problem. help

    Miriam M.

  • Brittany Schüller

    I’m so sorry to hear about all the negative reviews concerning RF treatments. I recently watched a video from the organic esthetician on you tube. She explains that there are different types of RF. Some go deeper into the skin causing fat loss. While others, namely multipolar RF, affect the surface of the skin and not the underlying fat tissue. If anyone is getting treatments with a RF device that can also be used on the body be warned! It will cause fat loss in the face because it penetrates too deep into the skin!
    Here is the link:
    She talkes about it 9 minutes in.

    Take care everyone ♥️

  • Isabele

    I did radio frequency on myself and have had considerable fat loss. It’s getting worse with time. Especially around the eyes. I have indents of fat loss on the cheeks near the eyes. The area where the cheeks meet the eye hollow has deepened and looks melted. It deepened my nasal labial folds. One side is worse than the other. I used tripolar. I know people will say that I should have gone to a professional and they would be right, but it seems even the professional treatments are causing fat loss. I don’t think radio frequency should be used on the face.

    • Emma Clark

      I also had this experience with Tripollar on my face and on my body in places where I did not want to lose fat. I can’t believe they are allowed to sell these devices when this happens! Do you definitely think it’s getting worse? I’m unsure whether mine is worsening from when the fat went almost instantly after the treatment, or if I’m just paranoid because I now obsess over it. It’s awful. Sorry this happened to you too.

  • HDC

    I actually got one and did it for about 3 minutes or less, but it felt hot (and I was on the lowest temperature). And also the aloe gel didn’t work properly, so I stopped. This was yesterday, then I found this site and I’m going to return the RPF machine. These stories are so terrible. I hope you all find healing! God bless you.

  • Kathy Bergren

    Hi! I had BBL and within 2 weeks have started noticing more wrinkles. I do not believe it is my imagination but wondered if this is possible. I had it to reduce sun damage and am sorry I did it. Please help me understand. Thank you

    • Rihab

      I experienced significant fat-loss on my face after my first treatment 1 year ago. Since it was gradual and coincided with some rapid weight loss due to health issues (lost 10 lbs in 7 weeks), I had chalked it to losing weight. I couldn’t put my finger on it, I just looked like I hadn’t slept or eaten in three days. My under eyes were hollow (we focused the treatment there for my crows feet), cheekbones looked melted, and face way grayish. I decided to gain 10 pounds, and work on losing them very gradually in ways that target belly fat instead (increased exercise mostly). Also having bone broth daily, and eating plenty of (cooked) veggies and fruits, and drinking 3 liters of water daily to help my body heal and regenerate. It seems to be working.
      If you’re still struggling, I would recommend looking into Sculptra injections instead of regular fillers. It helps you gradually build collagen and restore volume over time. It was approved by the FDA in the late eighties to treat facial fat-loss due to HIV-AIDS and is tried and tested.
      I pray that each one of you finds a solution to this and feels beautiful again. I think I’m done with these treatments for now.

  • Ioana


    I’m so happy that I found this web-site… At the same time, I am very sad for all the people in the comment section who had bad results.

    I want to buy a Face Lifting 6 in 1 Device, like this one,, but now, after reading all the comments here, I don’t know what to do. I would love to hear your opinion.

    I love having facial fat, plump face. Love it!!!

    There are so many non-surgical and non-invasive treatment options for facial skin tightening and rejuvenation: intense pulsed light (IPL), high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU), ultrasounds, galvanic (ION+ION-), radio frequency energey (monopolar, bipolar, multipolar) (RFE), dynamic radio frequency (DRF), fractional laser, non-fractional laser, vibrotactile stimulation, red LED light therapy, low level laser therapy (LLLT), low power laser therapy (LPLT), photobiomodulation (PBM), infrared heat energy, photon light therapy, broadband light (BBL), microneedling, dermarolling, pulsed electrical fields (PEF), isometric compression, low frequency vibrations, acoustic wave vibration, lasers, light heat energy (LHE), infrared light (IR), LED phototherapy, microcurrent, radiofrequency (RF), electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), electroporation/electro permeability electropermeabilization, mesotherapy/mesoporation, electroporation (EP), platelet rich plasma (PRP), vibrating massage, etc. Honestly, I’m overwhelmed!!!

    Thank you.

  • Paula

    I had Clear and Brilliant done 4 weeks ago and it is similar to RF in which it introduces high heat to the skin layers. I noticed cheek loss immediately within 1 to 2 days and thought it was “skin tightening.” At week 3, the fat loss got significantly worse and by week 4 my mid cheek fat pad is virtually gone. This has caused emphasis on my tear trough and nasiolabial folds through skin sagging as it no longer has underlying support from fat. I look very ill and it has been very detrimental to my mental health. I have always looked 5 years younger than my age at 28 because of my full cheeks, now I look 10 years older. I saw earlier in the comments that for some, the fat loss resolved in a year, can you explain how that is physiologically possible?

  • Erika

    I experienced fat loss on my temple and on my forehead after CO2. Dr dismissed it said it was possible , then his wife said it was all in my head. Funny thing is I have done almost every procedure under the sun and never experienced this prior !! Even with Botox !!! I’m giving my skin time to heal and recover now — I’m a 38 year old woman, and I am not looking forward to using filler to cover it up. !!

  • Angel S.

    While it a relief to read that I am not utterly alone in my regrettable experience, I feel so badly for all of you as well.

    4 summers ago I had the Venus Freeze done to my lower face AND Venus Freeze & Velasmooth combo to the legs/butt area and have experienced SIGNIFICANT skin changes due to fat atrophy. I only wanted to “tighten” a small creased area on my outer upper right thigh believe it or not! I look back now & realize I suffered from way too much self-critical perfectionism.

    The technician at this long standing reputable med spa in Birmingham, Michigan (USA) convinced me that doing both entire upper legs would yield the best results & that they don’t do “spot” treatments. I thought to my self oh well, I guess I should just have it all done as suggested , even though I’ve always liked my legs (except for that one little pesky perfectly imperfect crease on the right thigh that no one but myself ever noticed). So I had 7 treatments as prescribed, one week apart. At week 5 I started noticing all this crepey, cottage cheesy look to my legs, starting at just above my knees. When I mentioned to her was this normal or could be damage, she said there is “NO way this machine set at the right parameters could cause damage”. I know, stupid right? I should have stopped then. But still had the final 2 sessions. I just wanted to trust all her rave reviews & also have always been someone who follows protocol & does things as prescribed. UGH!
    Unfortunately I was talked into doing some Venus Freeze skin tightening to my lower face while there as well ( 3 years earlier I had Ultherapy to my perfect 44 year old face thinking I would get a jump on the aging process). Bad idea. I had some premature sagging going on after a few months of the Ultherapy. Not realizing I was actually ADDING to the damage to my face with even more RF with Venus Freeze.
    I too have been so depressed & anxious. Not only my face is older beyond my years, but I feel like I’ve “lost my legs”. I always had confidence in at least that area, now I am totally self conscious in anything showing my legs from the knees up. I am a healthy, slim 51 year old mother of 4 who’s never had an issue with weight. I never asked or would have wanted ANYTHING to do with FAT destruction…I only was going for the touted “tightening” effect.
    I will not give up that an answer for all of us will manifest, but this is the first time I have decided to write about my experience in the sincere hope that NO ONE will ever try skin tightening machines! It is too much of a crap shoot, still too many unknowns. I will keep you posted on anything that may help me heal, and share with all of you!

  • Andy Garrett

    Im only 24 and had microneedling rf done a few months ago, i loved the way i looked before this treatement. but now, i have crepey skin and have lost ALL the fat in my face, i have about 5 % left over all, the rest is just skin, i look like im 40 and i honestly dont see the point in going on anymore, how can you when at 24 you have had your whole face just taken away from you, i do not recogonize the person in the mirror at all, ive also gained weight on my body in an attempt to try and gain weight in my face but now i am just fat but with an ugly hollowed face

  • Leanna

    I had HiFu done in November 2019 only to my Lower face, and it has shrunk my face and I have lost a significant amount of facial fat, not to mention paper thin skin. These energy treatments should be banned. I have felt severely depressed since getting this treatment done and have been prescribed antidepressants. I tried to write an honest review with photos to show my fat loss, and the independent reviewer said that I hadn’t followed the correct guidelines. This makes me even more annoyed, as the clinic that did my procedure are out doing the same to other people. I really don’t know what to do for treatment to my face? I have thought about fat grafting, but I’m scared to do another procedure.

  • linda addison

    Leanna, Sadly you do what I finally did. Plastic surgery, and in my case a lawyer. I wish there was a way we could communicate. I am on FB in Colorado.n retired nurse. Linda Addison

  • Emma Clark

    I discovered this thread a few months back after experiencing facial fat loss from an ipixel laser treatment and am just commenting again because I’m so astonished to see how many people have now found it and had the same issue. It‘s so awful and so much more should be known about it. I’ve since had mls and mls of filler and 2 fat transfer operations and I’m still unhappy with the way I look. It’s had such a horrendous impact on my mental health. Is there anyone who is open to taking the conversation off of here to chat more about their experience? It would be incredible to talk to someone else who has gone through the same thing. Hope everyone is doing ok. Emma x

    • linda addison

      Emma, I just had to have a complete facelift, browlift, and still need a fat graft. There were complications that make my case a bit more delicate. I wish we could contact each other. A site that cancels out any communication among us while at the same time is UNITING us , well, it’s just frustrating! Again, reach me at 303.642.7909Linda

    • Dallas

      Hi there,
      I am 28 years old and recently had a HIFU treatment under my eyes that was recommended to me to help with fine lines and wrinkles. Now I am experiencing scary side effects where I am losing volume under my eyes. My eyes look more sunken in. My dark circles are more prominent. The hollow under my eye now goes to my cheek area. It looks like a part of my cheek is missing now. A little on both sides, but more visible on my right cheek. This whole situation has been so scary for me. I had never gotten any facial treatment done before. I trusted the dermatologist I went to because it was so highly rated. It’s only been three weeks and all I can really do is wait and see if it is able to heal or maybe it will get even worse… It’s mentally so draining to go through something like this. I am trying to stay as positive as possible but it’s really hard. I wouldn’t have ever done this treatment if I would’ve known that this was a potential side effect. I really feel for anyone going through a similar situation… The only positive thing I can say is that it’s really challenged my ability to focus less on the way I look and focus more on my actions/the things around me. It’s scary, but know that you are not alone and that your beauty is based on so much more than your physical appearance. <3

      • lisa ryder

        Hi Dallas, I had Radio Frequency thinking it was a non invasive way of tightening my skin and it has done the exact opposite. I have hollow eyes and my skin has lost fat. It is incredibly distressing but the lovely ladies on this thread have supported me with the distress this has caused. Violeta setup a a facebook if you would like to join it for more support and to discuss this with us privately. the link is

          • Jackie

            This technology and other rf tighteners should one have a warning that states that is destroys fat (and is exposing one to radiation as well) and that fat loss is a result, the people administering this should advise against it to people without a great excess of fat on face, three it should be called malpractice to administer a treatment to damage the dermis and epidermis simultaneously (when combined with rf microneedling) and four everyone who has suffered any malpractice should be compensated for it. But significant warning should be advised because money cannot bring back what God gave us naturally.

          • linda addison

            Hi Jackie! You’re request isn’t showing up so do me a favor and friend me on FB. You sound super smart! And I’d love to see you on our site! I’m from Colorado. My profile pic shows me wearing a blue scarf surrounded by virtual butterflies. Thanks! Can’t wait to get in contact.

  • Lydia

    I am experiencing facial volume loss due to using a reputable home RF device. I reported this to the company and asked to return the product. They sent me a doctor’s letter stating that he had never encountered fat loss because of using this brand for ten years. This model is newly developed called Vx. The energy goes deeper and is supposed to be more effective.

    From my experience, I did not see the claimed effects such as pore and wrinkle reduction. Instead, there are more lines appearing on my under-eye areas and the skin is very dry. A few times use left my face sunken under the eyes. I will not use it again.

    Please be careful when you choose to use an energy device such as radio frequency.

    • Celia

      Hi Lydia, I used the tripollar X, the previous model of Vx, and I am still having facial fat loss since the last time I used it in aug this year.

      No matter how much skincare produce I put on my face, it’s absorbed very quickly and I feel my skin is so thirsty that even my eyes feel the same way too!

      May I ask if you have the same situation and if so, how do you fix this problem? Thanks!

      • Lydia

        Hi Celia,

        I’m sorry to hear that you are going through the same as I do.

        Yes, my skin is so dry and I haven’t found any products to effectively address this issue. On top of that, my cheeks are irritated after using the device as well.

        I’m going to explore other options such as fillers to see if they could help. It’s stressful because now I started to worry the side effects fillers might bring.

        It’s disappointing to see Tripollar is denying the facts that their devices could potentially cause volume loss and this can lead to more people suffering similar consequences in the future.

        • Celia

          Hi Lydia,

          We’re both the victims of tripollar rf devices. I wonder why there aren’t many cases I can search on the internet. As you said, more people will suffer the situation we got cos there isn’t any warning of the potential of facial fat loss at all.

          I have consulted two dermatologists in Hong Kong. The first one did nothing and show no empathy of what I’ve been though. I feel sick of him.
          The second one advised me to put on sunscreen and comforted me that it takes time to stop the worse situation. He also prescribed me the ezerra cream. However, my face is still getting worse…
          My face is sagging due to the facial fat loss and now my jaw looks weird when I smile…
          I don’t like to take any photo of myself anymore cos I look older and ugly,,,,,

          I use Minon amino moist lotion II and moist charge milk which is non-irritated for me.

          And I also use Dr. Wu hyalucomplex essence toner n extra hydrating lotion.
          And Cerave facial moisturizing lotion which is suggested by Luke, who left comments previously. In fact, I use moisturising cream mostly.
          My skin is fine with these products.
          But my face is still getting worse so I am still looking for something which is really hydrated enough for my skin. > <

          I do the research and I think Facial Fat Grafting is better than the fillers. As I live in Hong Kong, this is what I found out, Im not sure if it is the same.

          But I can’t afford it at all so I think I may give up….

          May I know how did you contact Tripollar and got their reply?
          I did send message through facebook messengers but they didn’t reply me at all.

          And if you don’t mind, can I email you for more details and share how is your face recently?

          • Lydia

            Hi Celia,

            Thank you so much for the tips for hydrating skin. Actually I am using Dr Wu’s toner as well. I mostly use QV cream which is very gentle to my skin.

            I am sorry to hear that you feel this way. We are not alone for sure. If you look up Tripollar fat loss in Mandarin, you will find many people reporting it but their threads are inundated with postings saying it’s not possible. I am confused as people are ignoring the facts for whatever reason.

            Tripollar has not replied to my request of a refund. I will take further action if they don’t respond. They need to comply with Australian laws and regulations when they sell their products to Australia.

            Please feel free to contact me via email:

            Look forward to hearing from you.

      • Britt

        I’m so sorry that happened to you. I used Tripollar X as well. I used it 6 times and then I started reading about facial loss kind of freaked out so now I just use it on my neck. How many times did you use it and for how long? I figured because some of these home devices are weaker than what you might find in a doctor’s office they wouldn’t cause such reactions I am also keeping away from my red light device. I’m too afraid. I’m also starting to think that the Nuface microcurrent temporarily makes your face look flatter when you’ve had some plumpness in it. Right now I am just using my derma roller and this Jenu or Aero facial infuser, doing facial exercises. I’m beginning to get very leary of these procedures. Good luck. I think plasma tightening might be a way to go. All these facial devices are becoming such a trend and I have become so addicted but I’m trying to chill out a little

  • lisa

    I had 6 RF treatments one week apart in February 2020 and have gradually watched my skin deteriorate. where I previously had full cheeks, they are now sagging and I have damage to the skin as well. My eye sockets are hollow and I look 10 years older. I am 52 and previously looked about 42. it is so depressing and i’m so concerned it’s going to continue to get progressively worse. I am seeing a plastic surgeon today about facial fat grafting, but i’m so scared to do any more to my face as i’m worried i might end up looking even worse. I will post on here with the feedback from the surgeon.

    • Rihab

      I have droopy cheekbones and hollows and dark skin around me eyes too. I’m researching far grafting as well, and too am nervous about potentially doing more harm. I understand the stem cells in the transferred fat can really help restore skin texture and tone as well. Best of luck to you sis, and looking forward to hearing about your consultation.

      Maybe we can start a Facebook Group to discuss these side-effects, potential treatments and potential legal action.

    • linda addison

      Lisa, I had ONE session – NeoGen. And for 2 years watched myself age 40 years. Fat grafting is patchy. Only face-lift/brow-lift and future fillers in my life gave me my face back. Document well your decline. Get a lawyer! Get back the money paid for RF and costs for surgery. File BEFORE 2 years has passed. Good luck! I’m so sorry this happened. The response from RIHAB was right on. Eventually RF users WILL have a class action suit. I tell everybody I can about the lies about what RF is supposed to do, and what is DOES to a woman’s face!

      • lisa

        I have seen a dermatologist and now two plastic surgeons. None of them would confirm the damage was definitely from RF, but they accepted I believe it is. One of the surgeons said it should stabilise after 3 months, but I only noticed the change 6/7 months after the RF’s. Both surgeons recommended Nano fat injections or stem cell with fat transfer. One also recommended PRP and a pinch lift or mini facelift but that would be at a later stage. I’m going back for a second consultation with both before I make the decision which surgeon I will use. I will keep you all posted. Can I ask if any of you are in London? Also, a Facebook page is definitely a good idea as we need help others who are experiencing the same nightmare as us and to prevent women taking the step before it’s too late. You can find me on Facebook under my name. Has anyone had successful fat transfer or nano fat injections?

  • Violeta

    Maybe we should make a Facebook support group where we share ways that can help the volume loss issues. I read all the comments in this article. Unfortunately, the same thing happened to me and the doctor explained how it was not possible to be from the RF, but it was. It literally happened during the 30 minutes procedure and the problem was that the temperature was too high. My face looked flat after the procedure and it took me some time to figure out what had happened. My forehead and cheeks look so flat now and my angry wrinkle is a lot more visible. I heard that PRP injections could help and I am going to try that. One lady mentioned that mesotherapy helped her. I also read about Volufilline, but I also know that it causes enlarged pores, so I am scared to try that. Another option is fat grafting, but it may not give the desired effect, as the fat may not stay if the fat cells are too damaged, so I don’t know about that either. And of course the dermal fillers that I so wanted to avoid and that is why I got that stupid RF procedure. I am so depressed I have a resting bitch face now. We should really support each other. I believe that there is a way to improve our faces. Reply to this comment if you are in for a Facebook support group.

    • linda addison

      Hi Violeta,
      All prp did was leave lumps. RF will eventually eliminate all fat depending on how long the laser contact, the temp, and how many sessions done. Fat grafts are spotty whereas the RF was everywhere. It’s best to wait until the damage from the RF has stabilized, then see a surgeon. And get a lawyer! Sooner rather than later. Before some magic two year window is up, and the ppl who did this are protected by statute of limitations. We ALL must fight – LOUD – about what’s been done to is. A bunch of old crows while these spas are getting rich! Feel free to contact me thru FB. I wish you the best.

      • Violeta

        Linda, unfortunately I don’t keep any documents about the procedure and it was done in march 2019. It took me a while to realise exactly what happened and at first I thought it would get better, but a year and a half has passed and it doesn’t get better. I’m 31 years old I hope it heals someday. The problem is doctors don’t even see what I see. They say my skin is fine, but my skin was way better before and my face shape was different. My face had a more feminine shape and now it’s so thin. And one side is more hollow than the other. I’m considering botox and fillers for cheeks and forehead volume. I wonder whether if I gain some weight, my face will round up again. I lost some weight and doctors say that is the reason, but it’s not because my face melted on one specific RF procedure and I lost the weight a year later separately with diet and exchange. I have no fat between the eyebrows and it’s horrible. Also my cheeks. Everything was fine in the beginning procedures and then the doctor decided to up the temperature and literally after 30 minutes my face looked worse. I was shocked so I said nothing. And I had the treatment twice that week because the doctor said I should because she has vacation next week. She was greedy and acted arrogant. She was also just out of med school. She was incompetent and I believed her. She doesn’t work there anymore and her boss says it’s not possible for this to happen, but it did. I actually like the owner of the clinic so who is to blame then? The doctors even don’t know that this can happen and they deny. But in my case I believe it was overheating due to a mistake. And maybe that twice a week thing. Honestly I have no idea how I could get money back or fix my face.

        • linda addison

          I had to get a full face/brow lift. I now look close to what I used to! I do have a lawyer but maybe not in time. It’s not that I am out for the money, but I want them to know how bad they are for what they are doing, and how poorly they treated me when I began to look 100 years old. The owner told me flat out to “drink milkshakes!” And more unbelievable statements like that… Get a lawyer. Show pictures of what you looked like before, and compare to up-to-date pics. I’m sure they promised you more collagen, tighter skin, baby-soft smoothe skin, ad nauseum. False advertising. Heat was too high and damaged you! Negligence. Msg me on FB and I’ll show you pics. I believe EVERY woman who was damaged by RF needs to make noise legally! It’s the only way this damage to the women of the future will be stopped. These spas are only in it for the money! For your mental health…
          And by the way, you have a better claim for malpractice since a doctor did this. Part of the legal claim also addresses their outrageous behavior. Like in a hurry? Vacation? Newbie doc? Excuses! Don’t fall for it ..

          • Violeta Marhova

            Linda, I can’t find you on Facebook. Add me please. Violeta Marhova. Blonde with braid on profile pic. I’ll show you pics, too. Anyone who wants, add me and msg me that you found me from here. Wish you all the best.

    • Eve

      Pores are meant to open and close, that’s what they do. People suffering enlarged pores generally close pores by cooled water or cold compress, I wouldn’t let the simplest and least expensive volufiline m, topical application put you off – imo

    • Lydia

      A Facebook support group sounds like a brilliant idea. I just received tear trough fillers yesterday. Now I’m bruised and swollen. Any treatment comes with risks, even with PRP and fat grafting.

  • Claire

    It’s absolutely terrifying reading these comments. I have just done a five minute session on the lowest setting on a home Eternal Clear machine. Can anyone tell me if this brand has harmed them or if I’m also now at risk of fat loss? It’s so scary.
    I passed out after using the machine.

    • linda addison

      DON’T USE IT ANYMORE! Passing out is a clear sign that your body cannot handle the machine’s energy. I seriously doubt you did any lasting damage after one use. I 100% do not want anyone having RF treatments done on their face. The damage is forever. All the surgery and fillers in the world will not return a woman’s natural beauty that she didn’t know she possessed until it was gone.

  • Anonymous

    Hi everyone,

    Firstly, I just want to say that I hope you’re all doing okay.

    I had two IPL laser treatments done for mild rosacea back in 2018 (I was meant to have four but after I started noticing changes in my face I immediately stopped). After my second treatment, at first, I noticed a small indentation / scar by the side of my nose which was then followed by the orange peel skin texture, small pin holes, skin indentations and fat loss under my eyes and on my cheeks. The laser also didn’t get rid of the redness and actually left me with blotchier skin and more burst blood vessels than I had to begin with. I’m now nearly three years out and unfortunately not much has changed – I’ve had numerous appointments with dermatologists, clinics etc and have spent hours and hours reading peoples stories and advice but I’m nervous to try things like fat grafts, dermal fillers etc incase anything else goes wrong and I’m also only 26 years old. The last few years of this has completely consumed my life, taken a toll on my mental health, left me feeling incredibly isolated and at times suicidal.

    If anyone has any advice on whats helped them or if anyone might be interested in chatting privately, I would really appreciate it please – it would be nice to speak to someone who understands.

    My heart goes out to anyone that is also has having to deal with this nightmare – I’m trying to keep hopeful x

    • Lydia

      Hi there,

      I’d suffered fat loss from a device I bought to use at home. I had sunken areas under my eyes after using it. I immediately did research about fillers and found someone who was an expert on doing tear troughs in where I live. Now my problem is solved at least temporarily. This brought me great relief. I know I will need to do more treatments down the track and there are certainly risks. However, I’m willing to take the risks as I know too well the feeling when you look at yourself in the mirror and see the damages had done to your face.

      My advice is to talk to someone who knows what they do. Check their credentials. This is extremely important. It’s your face after all.

      I wish you all the best.

      • Anonymous

        Hi Lydia,

        Thank you so much for getting back to me – it’s so great to hear that you have received good results from under eye filler.

        Filler is definitely something I’m a lot more open to as I know it’s only temporary and can be dissolved if there are any complications – my only worry with filler is the potential risk of blindness but I know this is a very rare occurrence.

        May I ask if you’re based in the UK as I’m currently looking into clinics for consultations.

        I’ve also changed my diet and am taking lots of different supplements which I’m hoping to see a difference from. I’ve also read about treatments like skin boosters or PRP being helpful.

        I’m just really hoping it will get better over time and that people in the industry start to understand that this is a very serious side effect that lots of people seem to be going through following laser treatments.

        Wishing you all the best too!

        • Lydia


          I am not based in the UK so would not be able to recommend anyone to you unfortunately. Totally understand your concerns about filler. I was so worried about blindness before I went into the clinic and was so happy to find out I could still see after the treatment.

          I also inquired about PRP and skin booster and was told that they would not help much in terms of hollowness, etc. They will help with skin texture if that’s your concern. I’ve booked a PRP treatment in Feb and I am happy to report how I go if you are interested.

          Good luck with your searching. Hope this nightmare ends soon for you.

  • Violeta Marhova

    Hi! I created a facebook group where we can share what problems ans solutions we encounter after RF and laser damage. Feel free to join. The group is named “Facial Damage from Radiofrequency and Lasers Support Group”. We should support each other. I know how depressing it is. I wish you all the best. I believe we will find solutions to our problems.

  • Anon

    I have experienced facial fat loss. It has been traumatic and, as it currently stands, is being dismissed as a “non-event” by the RF provider.
    Online support groups were mentioned in a reply. Do you have a list of those? I did reach out to the FB support page given in one of the responses.

  • Anna Stidham

    I had the candela micro needling radio frequency for reducing my jowls and within 6 months experienced a worsening of my Jowls but did not realize why. Fast forward one to two years later and several photo selfie comparisons….. I finally saw the devastation. Several people kept asking if I was cutting carbs or loosing weight. My weight stayed the same or increased. I wish I could upload a picture for you to see. It was devastating. I just had a facial fat grafting from the same place I had the radio frequency ablation, 4 years later. I am happy with my results and hope to keep more than half my fat. If not, I will be re doing it. I look 15 years younger! I hope they pull this off the market.

    • linda addison

      Anna, feel free to connect with me on FB msgr, or check out our support group under Facial Damage from Radio Frequency and Lasers Support Group. I will share pics too. We definitely need to support each other, and some ppl have found viable solutions. We share our pain and triumphs! My FB is a face with some butterflies(hides damage), and support group profile pic is beautiful sunflowers!
      Feel free to email me:

  • Roh

    My dear healers,

    I am a 34 year old (male) who did microneedling radiofrequency around 2 years ago. I experienced the fat loss side effect but I am living proof that skin recovers. Please understand firstly that we did nothing wrong by trusting our doctors. That’s the human thing to do. But now that we know better, it’s absolutely imperative to not make the same mistake again. All the 5 star reviews that these dermatologists flaunt are just fake, and most push treatments to us even when we don’t need it.

    I was treated by a proper doctor (MD qualification), but post the treatment I realised that she did not use a branded machine on me (Like Secret or Infini). Instead, it was a cheap knock-off from China. I have since then come to realise after several consultations with doctors that the machine does NOT matter. It is only the operator’s skill that does. And at least two doctors told me that the cheaper machines are in fact less likely to cause damage since they are unable to go that deep, despite what the manufacturer may claim. This is because it’s more expensive to create a more powerful machine. So I guess in a way I was fortunate that the machine used on me was a weak one. I did however notice slimming of the face but with these things one can never be sure of the reason: weight loss, stress (about the procedure itself), and general ageing.

    Initially, I was paranoid and stressed and just like how everyone mentioned, the doctor refused to take any responsibility, going to the extent of saying, “how do you have the time to do so much research on skin treatments.” Granted she said this after I pointed out the authenticity of her machine, but this is still a horrible thing to say to a patient. How they project themselves on social media and how they are is so different! Anyway, to cut a long story short, here’s what helped me:

    1. Intense moisturisation.
    2. No more heat based treatments. Just say NO!
    3. Once weekly retinol cream.

    I don’t trust what doctors say anymore so if some think that the fat doesn’t come back, who cares? How do they know for sure? Tomorrow there will be a research that proves that fat cells are never destroyed or that they come back after a few years, and then they will change their opinion based on new evidence. There are mysteries to the human body that we don’t fully understand and anything can happen. Try and be in a more accepting, receptive state that you will be healed from this. Chances are high that you will be. I know I was.

    P.S. I am a counselor and I think my work helped me to process this experience fairly well. I can completely empathise with what you might be going through. You can find me on Instagram. My handle is @roheals. I will help you get through this (for free). I am only doing this to help and have no other agenda. Lots of love and good wishes. Please take care of yourselves.

  • Anna

    I had Agnes RF 2 weeks ago. The goal was to dissolve fat in the very lower area of the jowl, basically the a small area on the jawline. I was very careful to make sure the nurse marked off a very small area, very low on the face, so there would be no risk of fat loss higher up in my cheek.
    Now, 2 weeks later I see a little improvement in the area treated, but the cheek above (which was not treated) appears to be flatter. I am so confused how this could happen.
    Either the RF energy migrated to an untreated area, or the skin is shrinking and pulling down on my cheek.
    I asked the nurse if she treated higher up than we agreed on, and she swears she didn’t. My husband notices the change too. I can not seem to find any information online that explains if it is possible for RF microneedloing energy to transfer to nearby unintended areas.

  • Natasha Rose Dodds

    wow….unbelievably scary info…my goodness you poor people, I just ordered Tripollar stop (not x or v) home device and did think even after one use my face looked worse than before, totally stressing out now about the idea that it multiplies to nearby fat cells, I cannot believe the scammers these people must be, how sick to do this to people and have the nerve to not accept returns, im in if anyone needs support and will join fb group – has anyone found these issues from this device after one use and do they think its just going to get worse even if never using tears, facial fat loss is my biggest issue alongside laxity on forhead. Gutted
    ps…well done Linda and others for fighting for others after what you have been through, remmeber karms is a bitch and these people have it coming in mega loads xxx

    • Lee

      Has anyone else noticed the chain reaction extending to their bodies?
      The fat depletion has extended to my upper body. Im almost at the 2 year pst RF mark. Ive just written to the local consumer complaint tv show hoping they will do a story on this whole thing and prevent others from going through this

      • Damaged from Microneedling RF

        I haven’t noticed it extending to my body but I’m only 4 months out from having it done. I think that’s a great idea to have a TV show investigate it. They should get some footage of the procedure being done like they do in hidden camera shows. Mine was done by the trainer of Scarlet RF Microneedling. She’s the one that aggressively “vectored” my face. She’s training others all over the U.S. to do this technique that destroyed the lower half of my face. She would be a good one to get on the show.

      • Damaged by Microneedling RF

        Also, I asked one of the trainers that works for Lumenis’s Legend Pro RF about it and she admitted to me that women look better before having the Microneedling rf done. She would be a good one as well!

        • Anna

          I had Agnes RF done just on my jawline and lower jowls. The treatment caused the skin to pull downward in a very unattractive way. Surgeons who do facelifts pull up on the skin for a reason, b/c pulling down is ot a youthful direction to manipulate the skin. The area of my cheek that is now flattened was not directly treated with the needle, so I am only guessing that the area treated is tightening and pulling the area above downward.

  • Catrina

    I just received my iBeauty Portable Fractional RF machine. I haven’t opened it up yet, but am wondering if I should send it back after reading all these horrible situations. My heart goes out to all of you. But are all RF treatment machines having the same result? I understand there is monopolar RF, bipolar RF and Fractional RF – do they all result in facial fat loss? I have a Fractional RF machine and the before and after pictures on the iBeauty website for this particular machine are fabulous.

    • Damaged by Microneedling RF

      The trainer went through monopolar, bipolar, tripolar and all that with me and the differences. She said the one I did was tripolar, I believe, so would only stimulate collagen. I saw tons of before and after pics and they all looked great. Yet, here I am with huge dimpling in my cheeks and jowls I never had after.

    • Ilene

      Yes, I got burned on my face in a salon with microcurrent and I loss facial fat from micocurrent. Unknown to me, the person treating me when I got burned had zero experience doing microcurrent. She left the rods sitting on my cheeks for too long and at a high intensity and also did the same thing above and below my lips. On one cheek, I have a 3 inch scar running vertically down my cheek that was caused by the cheek burn. I also have a scar horizontally on both cheeks and was burned below my lip. If you’re not familiar with DAMP and microcurrent, you might look it up. I did not even know at the time you could get burned with microcurrent. I had microcurrent for a year with an experienced esthetician without any problems. I didn’t know what happened to me with the inexperienced esthetician from one session of microcurrent and why my face was left with ugly marks, felt so terribly dry and continued to worsen for many weeks until I researched it extensively to find out what happened to my face. It’s been 1 1/2 years since I was burned, the scars are still there and they’re prominent, though they have lessened some. I also used ZIIP Beauty microcurrent device and lost major fat under my eyes from microcurrent using that device. I stopped using microcurrent completely about a year ago. Even though I have scars, I look better than I did a year ago since I stopped microcurrent, though I’m permanently scarred. I still have fat loss under my eyes, but it’s improved a little. I use red and infrared on my face and that has helped some. What I found from my research is that someone who is inexperienced using microcurrent can cause burns and DAMP, which can cause worsening damage from weeks to months. My dermatologist says I’ve lost tissue as a result of that. Look up microcurrent and it tells you that it can be used to reduce body fat. Most people don’t want to lose fat on their face, though.

      • linda addison

        Ilene, it’s under two years. You’ve been burned and scarred, and are in the time statute for a personal injury case. Get a lawyer who works on contingency.

        People need to be made aware of the damage done to women and the lies we are told about what these facial treatments are doing. The more we speak up, the louder we talk, the better the chance there will be that we can save one woman at a time, and IN time, many women! I wish you the best!

      • Tara

        So, I was researching it a lot last night and I think that it’s all in the dose so to speak. The body microcurrent machines are at much higher amps. Around 800-900 whereas the facial ones are at the highest, 400 micro amps.

  • Anna

    Does anyone here have knowledge or experience with the facial ligaments being affected by radio frequency microneedling? After treating my jowls and jawline with Agnes RF microneedles for fat reduction, I noticed a drop in my cheek and hollow of cheek became more sunken in. At first, I thought it may be fat loss in untreated areas, but now I think it may be damage to a ligament that holds the cheek up. For weeks after treatment I had a painful dent on my jawline, and vertically upward from that spot the cheek was flattened.

  • Irene

    Endless comments.
    I (German) used a cheap home RF device with 12 watts.
    This one:
    Price range starts at 17 euros.
    The description varies a lot. I read that it can be used on the face. I wanted to tighten my skin. I didn’t know about any risks.
    First I thought it doesn’t work. After some time I tried it again and found out how it works. I forced myself to use it daily. Maybe for 2-3 weeks. I thought it’s gimmick.
    Accidentally I heard about risks of fat loss and suddenly I was very concerned.

    I’m 53 and felt that my skin seemed to droop, to get saggy. That’s why I started to find a treatment. I’ve never cared about my skin.
    I’m not sure if I have already lost fat. I stopped 2 days ago – and I read that the fat loss can become visible much later.
    If there is fat loss than this happens very subtly. Unfortunately I didn’t care so much for my face, I didn’t touch it that much. The skin feels very loose.

    I saw a YT video of a plastic surgeon named Prasad (NY) USA who mentions the risks and that he doesn’t use any heating devices for the long term risks (skin thinning).

    I’m so shocked and concern. I already have huge problems in life. I’m instable – and now I might have destroyed my face.

    I ordered a mini HiFu device. I will throw it away when it arrives.

    There should be big warnings in the instructions.

    I’m not sure if I am able to read further comments. I’m deeply depressed waiting for the catastrophy to come.

  • L A

    Really sorry to hear your stories – after reading this article I will not be doing this treatment.

    Can somebody please tell me if ULTRASOUND FAT CAVITATION has any bad side effects like RF does?

    Thank you


    I have read all of the comments above and I am truly horrified. First of all, let me say I am so sorry for the suffering that so many people have gone through because of the misselling of these treatments and the misinformation and lack of information that is given to people who are parting with their hard earned money. I was considering going for Ultherapy, but I certainly WILL NOT be doing that now. What horrified me even more…. If that is possible… Is that home use devices, which are claimed to be safe, are also doing damage. I am addicted to home devices and own The Tripollar Stop and the Tripollar Stop Eye, also the Tria Laser and Nira Eye Laser. I also own a red LED lamp which gets hot. Could all of these be doing more harm than good? They are not cheap devices either! It seems as though the desire for companies to make a fast buck far outweighs any concern for customer safety or wellbeing. I was considering just using the Tripollar Stop on my jowls and avoiding using it anywhere else, but if the programmed fat loss is also capable of transferring to other areas, I won’t be doing that. Totally shocking!

  • Danielle

    I went in to get a lIttle Botox and advice for my 40th birthday last September and I was recommended to get the Ultraformer 3 treatment on my lower face to boost collagen. I had a beautiful face and was just noticing a little loss of tone in my jowl area. I was told that the treatment was non evasive and it would just lift and tighten the skin and boost a huge amount of collagen to plump the area up. Unfortunately I didn’t do my research as I had been attending this plastic surgery clinic for skin treatments for 10 year or longer and trusted them. I was never once made aware that the treatment could cause facial fat loss or any other damage. The only side affects that where noted where temporary ones like redness and light swelling.
    I told the therapist that I was happy with my face and I didn’t want to do it if it would affect my cheek area. She assured me again that it wouldn’t and so I went ahead with the treatment.
    Immediately after the treatment my face looked thinner but over the next few months I noticed fat loss under my cheek bones and my fat pads below my eyes dropped and flattened the look of my cheeks. Everywhere that was treated has fat loss.
    I have suffered servere anxiety since the treatment as when ever I look in the mirror I am devastated that this has happened.
    After three months I went back in for a review and the doctor agreed with all of my concerned but he asked me to wait a bit and see if I see an improvement. 7 months post treatment I saw the Principal surgeon at the clinic and he said he can see loss in my face but denied it was caused by the treatment and said that the therapist had treated me correctly and then went on to say that due to my slight build that my body naturally doesn’t store much fat in my face and said it was just ageing. He was so contradictory but then went on to tell me that fillers could fix the loss below my cheek but not the area that was loaded directly on the bone area as it’s below and wouldn’t hold and he doesn’t believe fat grafting is a reliable treatment.
    It’s 9 months on and I am still struggling to come to terms with the way I was given bad advice and then treated so badly post treatment.
    I am so disappointed that this treatment is allowed to be performed without all the information on what could go wrong being provided. Had I have been aware I would never had done it.
    I am not going to get fillers to correct it as I feel that is a rabbit hole I’m not willing to go down as I now have little trust in the industry.
    I would like to know if weight gain would help the body rebuild the fat loss areas. I would like to treat my body more holistically now and hope that my body will repair itself in time.
    Please to anyone reading this please do your own research on any treatment you are getting as often you are not getting all the information on what could go wrong. I thought I was getting a non evasive treatment and it turned out to be the most evasive treatment that caused more damage than just fat loss.

  • Anne

    Danielle: I am sorry you had to experience this. I hope things have improved and you see some benefit from the procedure at this point? Or at least that the damage has repaired itself? Thank you for sharing your story.

  • Sean

    Had significant fat loss after FaceTite morpheus8 treatment 3 months ago by a inexperienced plastic doctor. It aged me 10 years. I’m looking at fat transfer procedure right now

  • Lacy

    I’m grateful to have found this article. I’m late to the comments!!! I experienced fat loss and developed under eye bags after bbl and my concerns were completely dismissed as being “impossible” due to the depth of the laser. Not just by the RN who performed the procedure, but by plastic surgeons all over the internet. Yet, there were stories similar to mine and much worse. Thankfully, it was not extreme, but it still bothers me. I do feel after 6 months my skin is looking better but my eye bags are still there. I’ve seen much worse. My question is: I will never laser again (at least not until MUCH more research is done and medical providers can reverse or avoid this happening) so what are options for procedures that produce the same results without this potentially horrible side effect?

  • Mary Thompson

    Had a laser treatment at PS office years ago. Noticed the fat loss in my face after a couple of months. When told office my skin looked more saggy, they said wasn’t possible as laser tightens. Isn’t it true how you can tell the slightest difference in our faces, even when others can’t? I knew my face did not improve, although cost me $3,500. She also left a line of demarcation under one eye below goggle. Some doctors now are warning of fat atrophy from lasers. Questions for all the wonderful ladies here: Am gong for a microneedling session with PRP. Anyone experience fat loss from that non-laser procedure? Thank you everyone.

  • Sharon

    It’s a shame to hear people have had poor outcomes post Laser & RF. I have performed these treatments on myself and patients for 15 years with amazing results and never had a patient voice this concern.
    I would be interested in studies ie: medications, hormones types of laser etc to know why this is happening to some patients.

  • Georgina Abrook

    Hi, I had a demo of the Morpheus 8 system with a view to using g it in my clinic. I have a slim face and wanted to be treated for fine lines, especially Uber the eyes and to tighten the jaw.
    I noticed significant loss of volume to my jawline within a few days but at week 3 I noticed my eyes were hollowing. I did have a black eye from treatment initially, which took 2 weeks plus to go. I now have a dent in my under eye where this was. The rep said she shouldn’t have gone so deep.
    I was not asked to sign a consent form, now I’m concerned I’m going to loose more volume as it’s now week 4 and eyes are looking much worse.
    Won’t be purchasing. 🙁

  • J

    Oh gosh these accounts are awful :(. I’m so sorry for what you’re all going through, that’s absolutely devastating and so unjust! Absolutely disgusted that companies are getting away with this.

    I was just about to purchase a Newa home RF device and a Nira laser, but certainly won’t be after this! Thank goodness I found this page in time!

    I already own the Foreo Bear microcurrent device though, which I have been using for a few months. (I was so thrilled with the results initially that it got me looking into other devices, which is in part what brought me here).

    Since using it, my face is a LOT slimmer (my partner thought I had lost weight, I haven’t. I am already slim, but have always had a round/full facial shape). The cheeks look more toned/tight/lifted, but also flatter at rest. The apples of the cheeks look fuller only when I smile (increased muscle tone?), but overall my face looks so much smaller. It’s more sculpted/hollow beneath the cheekbone (bucchinator muscle). I don’t think my under eye area looks any different. My lips seem fuller (I think that’s just the increased circulation from the t-sonic pulsations). I noticed from the first use on the temples/side of forehead that it makes them appear flatter and enhances the look of the lines there immediately after use. I’ve tested this on a few occasions with the same result, so I don’t use it there.

    At first I was happy with the results, but now I am concerned in case what is happening is gradual fat loss. How can I tell if what I am seeing is simply the effect of muscle tone/lifting and lymphatic drainage (desirable) versus fat loss (undesirable)? Or both at once? Or did I perhaps just have a lot of fluid/puffiness in the face that I wasn’t aware of because it was normal for me and that’s what’s being removed, leaving a slimmer face?

    I can’t find any info on this and it’s got me freaking out – especially after reading a few accounts on this thread of microcurrent causing fat loss for some people. I did so much research prior and every source says microcurrent is NOT supposed to do that, but clearly it has happened to a few at least!

    Foreo ignore all questions relating to fat loss, which is worrying. A company should understand the science behind the effects of their technology and be able to explain to you how and why it can’t cause this effect (if that’s the case). Silence is highly suspicious and makes it look like they’re trying to hide something or simply don’t know enough about their own technology. Having said that both Newa and Nira both responded to my queries about the potential risk of facial fat loss and stated that it’s not possible for their devices to cause fat loss. This thread would beg to differ it seems! (I don’t think anyone mentioned Newa by name though, just implication, though Nira has been mentioned once or twice). How on earth can we trust companies to be honest about their products?

  • K R

    Omig why couldn’t I have seen this a month ago. I’m not experiencing the same thing. My eye sockets are protruding. Please tele there’s something I can do. I feel sick to my stomach that I did this to myself

    • linda addison

      In your case, be proactive with an ophthalmologist. The protrusion appearance is likely due to the loss of fluids, fat, and collagen caused by the treatment. Make sure there’s no possible vessel damage before working on returning to your “before” appearance. There are several specific treatments, from nutrition to fat grafts, and more that are listed in other sites, such as Facial Damage from Radiofrequency … Many options listed as well as individual results described. You won’t be alone!

  • Joti Puri

    Can anyone recommend a lawyer in La? I had vivace and I’m suffering from extremely dry skin, acne , fine lines and facial fat loss. I had none of these problems before. I reached out to the manufacturer and they claimed no responsibility. I won’t let them get away with it

    • Nereida Ammari

      Just an FYI that results from rf microneedling are VERY technician dependent. That means that, unless you can make a case that the manufacturer was negligent in the training of the technician who did your procedure, or that the machine is incapable of being used precisely, you have no claim against the manufacturer. It’s like a car. You can’t sue the manufacturer when someone plows down pedestrians, unless the car was defective. You might be able to win damages against the technician and establishment where your procedure was performed. RF microneedling can target different layers, and if the technician doesn’t properly target the correct layer with the correct energy, you can have those bad outcomes. Otherwise, you would have to prove that the Vivace is not capable of being used with sufficient precision to ensure that a trained technician can accurately deliver the correct energy to the targeted area, or that their training is deficient, which is much harder to prove. Given that, you should research first what you best case is, as you will have to convince a lawyer that your case is worth their time. Unless a lawyer feels that your case is likely to succeed and produce sufficient income for the time and expenses involved, they won’t take the case. Lawyers are business people too. Don’t waste your time talking to lawyers UNTIL you have a presentation that can convince them to invest their time and expenses in you.

  • Larissa Panepinto

    I also had significant fat loss in my right cheek following pulsed dye lazer. It has caused the right side of my face to age and there is a significant difference from the left side. Is there any way I can restore the fat loss/ skin damage it is really depressing me

    • Iris

      Your cheek will get fat back but not soon . Minimum 1 year but it will be restored. In my similar case cheeks became normal in 1 years 100%. Fat loss under eyes restored in 2 years but 50%.

        • Iris

          Hello . I’m 51 y.o. After infrared therapy ( titan) I lost a lot of face fat . My cheeks were droopy . Ugly narrow face with wrinkles.Hollow eyes with droopy skin under . That’s what I got after that therapy which was done under my jawline only . But my face is restored completely. I tried to fix the complications under my eyes. Got RF ..,and it was my mistake. Maybe that’s why my eyes are restored only 50 % so far .

  • Anna

    I did RF Microneedling to treat only jowl fat and it caused my entire middle cheek compartment to loose support and flatten, changed my entire face. I am only in my 30s, and this has been the most devastating thing I’ve ever dealt with in terms of personal trauma. The psychological damage of waking up with an aged face or a different face, when you never intended for that type of risk or prepared for it, is just incredibly painful.
    I know I lost fat that was dense and deep in the lower cheek, that was serving more as a support shelf than volume. This type of fat in the lower cheek can’t be mimicked with filler.
    I wonder if radiofrequency can affect other kinds of connective and supportive tissue, which provide support and shape to the cheek. I also wonder if it caused scar tissue which is pulling down on the cheek.
    Does anyone know the best way to loosen or break up scar tissue, which causes the skin to tighten and shrivel down? Would filler under that type of skin help loosen it?

  • LL

    Did you have to gain weight for the fat to come back? Or did it just gradually return on its own over the course of a year? I’m looking for some hope it might resolve in time.

  • LL

    I’m experiencing something similar, following fractional CO2 (deep fx) laser I had for an atrophic scar next to my mouth, two months ago. Only a small area was treated, yet I feel like my entire cheek has lost fat. It’s less firm than the other cheek. I think they administered a wrong technique for treating the scar. In stead of lasering only the scar, they also lasered an area of skin around it, including my smile line, which I didn’t ask for actually. I just wanted the scar to fill in, that’s all.

    The skin contraction after the treatment was extreme. I had panic attacks the following days because of how it looked. I feel like I’m traumatized by the treatment. My mental health has been very low the past few months. It’s like the laser pulled down my cheek and caused volume loss. It connected the apple of my cheek with the skin below the corner of my mouth in a very unflattering way. And the area in between that was lasered, now looks completely flat. Dimension is gone. It even distorted my smile. Worst of all, the scar is still there and is somehow still atrophic because it still pulls a line when I smile. The lasered area also feels very squishy. In the first weeks, it felt tight and plump, but that was probably just the swelling.

    The scar and the area around it now looks much worse than before the treatment. The laser has thickened and tightened the dermis in the wrong places. The scar doesn’t look any better. The entire lasered area feels saggy. My smile line looks worse. My whole cheek looks different and looks less full than pre-treatment. The apple of my cheek was sitting higher before. I wish someone could tell me how long I’ll have to sit this out. Will these effects from the laser gradually fade over time? Will the contraction and tightening lessen? Will my skin ever look like before the treatment again, let’s say in two years maybe?

    Could there be treatments to help balance out my flattened cheek, plump up the dermis in the right places? I have become scared of energy based treatments, so I’d rather not look into treatments with heat anymore. The skin contraction they cause, totally flattens out your skin, which is not what we’re going for. If I had known it would cause that effect on my cheek, I would never have done the laser treatment. Could microneedling + prp (without energy) ONLY the scar be helpful in plumping and thickening that area? Plumping and thickening the dermis in the right places could maybe bring some balance back in that flattened area?

    Has anyone had any luck in correcting these problems with microneedling + prp? It’s way too soon to think about fillers or fat grafts to correct this. If there’s a chance the fat will come back in time (which is what I read in some comments on here), maybe it might look better in 6 months or in a year. I’m trying to stay hopeful, but it’s difficult. I think everyone who lands on this page has a rough time dealing with these changes we didn’t ask for. I just need to have some perspective that microneedling + prp could maybe fix this to some extent, if it’s not getting any better on its own within 6 months to a year. Fillers or fat grafting is not an option at this point (and maybe will never be). So I’d rather look into microneedling as the first option to try and correct this when enough waiting time has passed.

  • Mary Linda Thompson

    So sorry to hear of your issues LL. I had a CO laser years ago, and thought it was all in my imagination that had lost fat from my fat. Doctor and staff said fat loss could NOT be a side effect. MD’s and their staff are not Gods, although we treat them as such. It’s been over ten years, so of course, my face has been aging anyway. Mine wasn’t severe, but still noticeable. I’ve alwasy carried about 20 lbs more than I should on my post-menopausal body. Believe that may have helped, as think it may be slim women are the ones who really see the difference in their faces. Having said that, I belong to a FaceBook group you may want to explore; “Facial Damage from Radiofrequency and Lasers Support Group”. This is interesting; one member, named Crista Lindsey, has started another group in addition to the RF group called, “Fat Graft Disasters” . Now we would all think that using our own fat would solve any fat loss issues created by lasers and RF. Apparently that is not the case. Here is a link that Crista cites that you may want to read before embarking on using your own fat, aka PRP treatments. I truly feel that as individuals our bodies are so very different. Our chemical makeups and response to all the newest facial treatment may work fine for one person, and be totally detrimental for another. Basically, the article is saying once your own blood (PRP) is cleaned up and put in centrifuge, your OWN body may reject. Amazing. I did not know this until a couple of days ago thanks to Crista Lindsey. We are all in this together LL. Wish you the best of luck:

  • LL

    Thank you for that information Mary. The stories in the link you shared definitely sound scary too. I certainly won’t embark in another procedure any time soon. Maybe in time microneedling without prp would be a safer option to try then, although those treatments can also go horribly wrong. I guess for the time being we’ll just have to wait and see if our faces can heal from this on their own. It would just feel better if we knew there was some low to no risk treatment out there that could correct the issues we are facing, if they don’t resolve on their own. It’s certainly good to know we’re not alone in this.

    About the visibility of the fat or volume loss, people also tell me they don’t see it. But I think everyone knows his or her own face the best. You notice the slightest changes and you just know when something isn’t right. It feels weird if one side of your face suddenly looks different than before. I saw this reappearing in many comments on here, people not recognizing themselves anymore after a treatment with negative outcome. I do think my case isn’t a very severe one compared to some other stories I’ve read on here. People who have their entire face messed up. But more or less severe, these things are always quite a mental battle to deal with. Sending strength to anyone going through similar things.

  • LL

    I was reading a bit more on prp and fat grafting. These are two different things, right? Because I’m a bit confused right now. Prp is the treatment where they administer your own plasma in your skin, and with fat grafting they administer your own fat under the skin? Am I understanding this right? It’s just that I saw some threads on realself where people with similar issues had some luck in rectifying this with microneedling + prp. Maybe prp is a safer option as opposed to fat grafting? I guess every treatment will have some risks, and you never know how your skin and body will react to a certain treatment. If only we knew that in advance.

    These are some of the threads I was reading, and where microneedling + prp was mentioned a couple of times:

    Just FYI. Maybe these stories can give some support to other people going through this.

    And here’s an elaborate explanation from a doctor about how prp works:

    I have no idea if this is reliable information about microneedling + prp. It probably is, but then again, some may have good results from that procedure, whereas others might have a disastrous outcome. At least that’s what I’m understanding from everything I’ve read so far.

    If anyone else lands on this page, having similar issues cleared up on their own years after a disastrous procedure, please let us know. The more we hear about such kind of healing stories, the better. It would provide us with some extra hope. Thanks!

    Good luck to you all.

  • Dawn P Dixon

    I had the Agnes procedure for puffy and darkness under the eyw about 3 weeks ago. I have these ball of what looks like fat that did not dissolve from the treatment. The Dr said my body will absorb it. I am getting nervous about it.

  • Reply

    I had that done under my eyes too. My eyes looked terrible for weeks! They did go back to normal but I don’t feel like it worked. Hopefully you’ll have more success than I did.

    • Anonymous

      Facial fat loss is a risk with any modality that applies heat to the skin (radiofrequency, ultrasound, infrared, laser etc). Collagen induction requires a certain temperature and depth of penetration of heat to work. The issue is that fat can break down at these levels. A chain reaction can occur, which can lead to widespread (rather than localised) fat loss. There have been a few reports of microcurrent and retinoids causing fat loss in some individuals also, presumably also through triggering apoptosis of fat cells, though I don’t know if that is yet known.

  • Lee

    I exoerienced the chain reaction of fat loss. It extended to my whole upper body. Hoping it stops there. I lost all my subcutaneous fat. For those who have some extra fat and think it doesn’t sound bad- trust me, It is not a good look.

  • Jess

    After reading these comments it would be good to know some general information such as who did their treatments (was it an actual surgeon or one of those sketchy salon?), what temperature/strength was the device set at, their age (apparent facial fat loss may actually be from bone loss which is inevitable), and other treatments they may have been undergoing.

  • Anonymous

    Dr. Prasad actually does use lasers, but he uses them when and how they will help. He said that using lasers and rf where they cannot solve the problem causes technicians to use them aggressively, resulting in damage to the skin, sometimes permanent damage.

  • Melody

    Based upon what I’ve found it seems there is a risk (small but still a risk I don’t want to take!) of facial volume loss with RF, microcurrent, IPL, Fraxel, Ultherapy, etc…

    My question is what treatment for skin laxity doesn’t come with the risk of fat loss? I have minor laxity in my cheeks but I’m not a candidate for surgery or fillers as it’s not severe enough and I have good facial volume. I DO look young for age (not just saying that. I have a baby face and people have thought I was younger my whole life, even as a kid) but I absolutely do not want to lose fat in my face as I believe it’s a lot of what keeps me looking young.

  • Jessica

    Dr. Ricardo Rodriguez states in the comment section of his article on lasers and facial fat loss that he saw patients with fat loss in the late ’90s. He’s been doing fat grafting since then. So his personal experience is from over 20 years ago.

    This is also a direct quote from him: “Most women I have seen with fat loss are near menopausal age.”

    Age, and hormones, seem to be huge factors. MOST of the people I’ve seen complaining about facial fat loss seem to be 45 and older.

  • Mary Linda Thompson

    Agree Jessica. When advised to have laser about 6 years ago, was in my early 60s. Told would improve acne scarring and smooth out wrinkles. My skin definitely lost fat and volume. I looked at least five yers older after the procedure. It’s unfortunate that doctors, even on reputable websites such as Realself, will poo-poo fat loss from heat treatments. That makes absolutely no sense. There are so many anecdotal accounts, how could they not consider the adverse effects for some people? Nothing is absolute. The older we get, the more fat we lose from our face. Doctors know women approaching or in menopause have a loss of facial fat due to aging as well as a drop in estrogen levels. It’s insult upon injury; the poor results and not being validated. My situation was not devastating, but noticeable. I gained weight due to an unrealted health issue, which helped fill out my face slightly. But who wants to gain weight to look better?

    Yes, some women look amazing after laser treatments. But then there are we, the unfortunate few. Ladies, whatever you do, please research the procedure or treatment thoroughly. Lots of eye infections out there now with all the lash extensions. Keeping the opthamalogist’s office busy. Just proceed with caution. Especially you younger ladies. You’re under so much pressure to appear as air-brushed perfection. One day you’ll look back at your current photos and say, ‘wow, was I that pretty and didn’t realize it?’ Yes, you were. Good luck everyone.

  • Sharon Bradley

    I purchased a RF machine a year ago and began using as directed. I had heard to be careful not to use too often as fat loss could occur which would yield an adverse result. So, I made sure not to use the machine more than 2-3 times per week. With all my activities I ended up using it once a week and sometimes less. I did not think my skin was improving but I kept at it for about 6 months. Then, I just stopped using the machine. Within a month or so I noticed a number of wrinkles on the left side of my face, wrinkles where there were none before. I thought about resuming treatments but began to wonder if the RF machine was the cause. Now, upon reading this article, I am convinced that is exactly what happened even though I never used the machine more often than advised. I am going to begin a skin care regimen and hope I will see improvement to what I have done to my skin.

  • Allison

    I had one Thermage treatment at Mar 2020 to my whole face. I had significant result from that treatment in good way and bad way, which including possible fat loss.
    I was very thin already before the treatment, not much fat to begin with. I did the treatment for solving sagging cheek.

    my sagging cheek lift up A LOT, and so did my sagging eye lid.
    my cheek was plumping and standing like HUGE from the collegan regeneration *no joke, but I didnt like that huge cheek effect especially with my no volumn lower part of face from fat loss.
    Whole face looked excessively tight and like no fat at all. I had been very slim before treatment, but the treatment seems took the last part of fat. I ended up more lines and wrinkles around the mouth and nasolabial part whenever I made facial expression. I did look fine when I was poker face, but who could live without making any expression in a daily basis….

    Fortuntely, my face started to return to pre-treatment condition after a year, which fits what Thermage claim (effect occur from 3 months and peaks from 6 months and last around 1 to 2 year). So my cheek gradually lost the collegan and returned to sag but my lower face also went back 80% to pre-treatment condition. Not 100% recover also because I am aging at the same time (nearly 35 yrs old) so I wont blame all fat loss to that single treatment.

    After that I consulted some Thermage MDs in China where Thermage is super popular and performed much more often than in US. Some of them actually noticed the possible fat dissolving effect from Thermage so they don’t recommend it for people who already has very thin face. It is best for people who has sagging and jowl issue and who wanna lose facial fat at the same time. But from their experience, the fat dissolving effect from Thermage is relatively weak. In theory when the thermage effect ends within a year, the fat issue would be improved over time.

  • Amy Potter

    I lost facial fat and skin elasticity after undergoing treatment for melasma using picosure laser. It was the worst decision I ever made. My face never returned to normal and I was aged badly by this. Its been 7 years now. I would gladly take dealing with brown spots over this nightmare had I known. I thought I did my research online but now I know you cannot trust Google when it comes to medical practices. No mention of this affect was found. My dear sisters we must inform everyone of these dangers.

    • Raheema

      I agree 100%. The clinic I did the procedure at has been pushing this even harder on patients, with floor-to-ceiling ads in the lobby now.

      How can we protect people from the suffering we experienced? My sense is that some form of legal action is required. Has anyone looked into this?

      I know that facial fat loss and skin damage weren’t listed in the warning within the release I signed, so no, these side-effects showed up nowhere, but they’re obviously common.

    • Lee

      Yes- I lost all fat and skin elasticity also. It is traumatic to see someone easily 15 years older in the mirror. Im so sorry every time I see another story posted on here. It is downright evil how the indistry largely ignores this. I tell almost every woman i know to spread the word. Someone said they think it only happens to thin faces but this isnt true. I used to be teased about my chubby cheeks. I had lots of facial fat, volume.
      At least Linda Evangelista has launched a class action suit against a manufacturer of Coolsculptung as it left her with fat deposits and deformities which are apparently a risk but again no one discusses. Hopefully her case will open some eyes to the serious harm that can be caused by these medical esthetics devices and hopefully create a helpful legal precedemt!

  • Elle

    This is helpful info and frightening. Could the same kind of risks of facial fat loss occur with at home devices. I don’t know if the home devices are even that effective, but with the level of power of RF home devices, is fat loss possible? Thank you

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