• Scientific Skincare - 7 of the Best Moisturizers to use with Retin-A (Tretinoin)

    7 Of The Best Moisturizers To Use With Retin-A (Tretinoin).

    Retin-A (a brand name for tretinoin) is one of the most researched anti-aging and anti-acne treatments available. It’s incredibly effective. However, a well-known side-effect of tretinoin is skin irritation which can leave you with red, inflamed, and flakey skin. For this reason, a good moisturizer is essential, but what are the best moisturizers to use with Retin-A/ Tretinoin? Here’s a rundown of what to look for in a moisturizer when using Retin-A and which are the best moisturizers to use with Retin-A based on your skin type or concern.

  • How to Get Rid of Smile Lines

    Smile Lines: What Causes Them & How To Get Rid Of Them.

    Fine lines and wrinkles have a nasty way of sneaking up on you and may appear earlier than you expected. The expression lines that occur during natural facial movement suddenly take longer to disappear, before they stop disappearing altogether. If you’re a particularly happy person, you may be worried about developing smile lines, or laughter lines – but what causes smile lines? When do they usually appear? Can you prevent them? Here’s how to get rid of smile lines…

  • Scientific Skincare - Why Is My Skin So Sensitive All Of A Sudden? Sensitive vs Sensitized Skin

    Why Is My Skin So Sensitive All Of A Sudden? Sensitive vs Sensitized Skin.

    There is often confusion between sensitive vs sensitized skin with many people attributing their dry and itchy skin to a genetic skin type rather than a treatable skin condition. If you’re sitting there thinking to yourself ‘why is my skin sensitive all of a sudden?’ it’s likely that you are experiencing sensitized skin rather than sensitive skin. So what’s the difference between sensitive vs sensitized skin?

  • Scientific Skincare - Subclinical Acne

    Subclinical Acne: What Is It & How Can You Treat It?

    If you suffer from acne you are far from alone. In fact, the majority of people will experience acne breakouts at some point during their lifetime. You’ve probably heard of inflammatory and non-inflammatory acne, but what about subclinical acne? What the heck is that? Is it even a thing or is it just another trendy skincare term floating around the internet?