• Scientific Skincare - Scientific Sunscreen Guide Part III: The Best Sunscreens With High UVA Protection
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    The Best Sunscreens With High UVA Protection: Scientific Sunscreen Guide Part III.

    Daily sunscreen use is essential for our overall skin health. Not only is too much sun exposure associated with a higher increase in skin cancer, but it contributes to 80-90% of facial skin aging. The majority of people understand how SPF works – the higher the SPF, the more protective the sunscreen is. However, SPF is only a measure of how effective a sunscreen is at blocking UVB rays. So what about UVA rays? While UVA rays are less associated with skin cancer than UVB rays, they are the biggest contributor to sun-induced premature aging. So how do we know how much UVA protection a sunscreen offers? Which sunscreens have…

  • Scientific Skin Care - Luxury Anti-Aging Devices
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    3 Luxury Anti-Aging Devices That Will Transform Your Skin (According To Science)

    When we think of skin care treatments that will provide dramatic results, we often think we need to head to a professional. Often this involves multiple visits and treatments that can quickly add up to hundreds or even thousands of our hard-earned dollars. However, there are a number of luxury anti-aging devices that we can conveniently use in the comfort of our own home at a fraction of the cost. Here are 3 luxury anti-aging devices that will transform your skin without you having to leave the house! Introverts rejoice! These luxury anti-aging devices use the same scientifically-backed technology used at top-end salons and clinics to leave skin looking youthful…

  • Scientific Skincare - Best Snail Slime Serums
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    The 5 Best Snail Slime Serums

    Snail slime, otherwise known as snail mucin or snail secretion filtrate, has been around for centuries, with its use in skincare dating back to Ancient Greece. Here, Hippocrates (the ‘father of medicine’) recommended the topical application of crushed snails to treat inflammatory skin conditions and aid wound healing. Luckily, nowadays snail slime is collected without killing snails and is formulated into creams and serums for a more pleasant skincare experience. So what are the best snail slime serums available today? And why should you be using them?