• mandelic acid vs salicylic acid
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    Mandelic Acid vs Salicylic Acid | Which One Works Best For Acne?

    Exfoliation is an important part of any skincare routine as it keeps your skin looking smooth and glowing. As you age, your skin’s natural exfoliation process slows down and you can be left with dull and rough looking skin that emphasises any fine lines and wrinkles. Enter chemical exfoliants. If you have oily, acne-prone skin you may be wondering what exfoliant would work best for you – AHA vs BHA? Mandelic acid vs salicylic acid? Both? What’s the difference between mandelic acid vs salicylic acid anyway? Chemical Exfoliation Chemical exfoliants increase the rate that your skin naturally exfoliates itself. They do this by breaking down the bonds that hold your…

  • Scientific Skincare - AHA vs BHA
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    AHA vs BHA: Acids Explained.

    Hydroxy acids are chemical exfoliants that are often used in skincare products to treat acne, sun damage, and a variety of other skin conditions. They are mainly split into two groups; Alpha-Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) and Beta-Hydroxy Acids (BHAs). However, more recently, Poly-Hydroxy Acids (PHAs) and AldoBionic Acids (BAs) have been added to the list. So what is AHA? What is BHA? And what is the difference between AHA vs BHA?