• Blind pimple on nose
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    Blind Pimple On Nose: 6 Quick Fixes.

    The term ‘blind pimple’ refers to an acne lesion, usually a cyst or nodule, that lurks under the surface of your skin. In some cases, these painful lumps are barely noticeable but, when you get a blind pimple on your nose, you may find it hard to ignore. A blind pimple develops much like any other pimple – from a combination of dead skin cells and oil blocking your pore and allowing acne-causing bacteria to thrive and cause inflammation. This inflammation is what causes the redness and pain you may be experiencing with a blind pimple on your nose. However, a blind pimple has not yet come to a ‘head’…

  • Post Inflammatory Erythema
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    Post Inflammatory Erythema: 12 Effective Treatment Options.

    If you have ever had a bad acne break out, you may have noticed that it can sometimes leave marks on your skin. These marks can be either pink/red or brown in color but don’t tend to cause textural irregularities like true acne scars. Those pink/red marks are post inflammatory erythema and they can be tricky to treat! The good news is that they will eventually go away on their own and these 12 treatments can fade them faster!

  • Scientific Skincare - How long do pimples last
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    How Long do Pimples Last? 11 Ingredients To Get Rid Of Them Fast.

    Pimples. They always appear at the worst possible time. Important social event coming up? Pimple. Interview you’ve spent months preparing for? Pimple. They seem to pop up overnight but can hang around for days or even weeks – talk about outstaying their welcome! So how long do pimples last? If you’ve got an event coming up and you want to know how to get rid of pimples fast and which skincare ingredients can heal pimples the quickest, you’ve come to the right place!